Graphic anti-abortion images part of demonstration planned near Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell

An anti-abortion group has received a permit to project images of bloody, aborted fetuses on a 10- by 12-foot screen as part of a demonstration scheduled for Friday next to the Liberty Bell on Philadelphia’s historic Independence Mall.

A public affairs officer for the Independence National Historical Park said the agency does not consider content when it permits assemblies or activities…

Associated Press Oct. 14, 2014

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6 comments on “Graphic anti-abortion images part of demonstration planned near Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell

  1. How impolite of them. How terribly rude. How uncivilized. Why can’t they just make their point without offending everyone around them?

    Oh wait! I was channeling my new bishop.

  2. We are not the Emily Post episcopate.

  3. We use a photo of a healthy baby in the womb and the poor, dismembered body of an infant murdered in the womb in our work at the local mills.

    It produces good fruit.

    My assignment is to pray where we set up the pictures. It was so hard at first, not because I was offended, but because it just breaks my heart. I’d just couldn’t not cry looking at that poor murdered baby. And I had to try to not look like I was because I don’t want to be drawing attention to me, rather than the focus being on the counselors and so forth.

    Anyways, I developed a certain discipline, I keep the tears inside. It’s still hard, but the discipline helps. And when I see that someone is looking at the pictures, rather than the pronounced averting of eyes that is real typical, I explain the pictures. About how the poor beautiful babies become dismembered. How they try to avoid it. You can see the impact it has and the impact is GOOD.

    It is a terribly hard thing but it is a necessary work.

  4. Thank you for doing it, Kathleen. I too keep that sad vigil outside the mills. And we are now confirmed, with this synod, in our suspicion, standing there chatting about the week’s political developments, that if by some miracle abortion were re-criminalized, Rome would not support it. It mystifies the novus ordo among us, but not the SSPX.

  5. May God bless your efforts Jan. And yes, it is very hard on those devout souls that are in the N.O. world. I work with some too — saintly people — it is possible for those that cling to our Blessed Mother to keep the faith but it is so hard on them.

    They see the wretchedness and try to steer as clear of it as they can but because in this area the TLM is in hard to get to and dangerous areas it makes complete flight from the mess impossible for many.

  6. God bless Kathleen, Jan B., and all those who maintain the vigil outside the abortion mills. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that Almighty God will reward them for their efforts.

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