Confused, Contradictory Chaos in Rome

Cardinal Mueller wants bishops “to own their own words.” Does that include the Bishop of Rome?

Michael, do you really expect clarity from Rome?

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2 comments on “Confused, Contradictory Chaos in Rome

  1. Even the liberal-sotted Associated Press speaks openly of Francis’ manipulations:

    “In a sign of the chasm that is apparently underway, Francis decided late Friday to add six progressives from four continents to the synod leadership to help prepare the final document after several conservatives were elected to leadership positions. None of Francis’ appointees were Africans, who are traditionally among the most conservative on family issues.”

    (That’s from a liberal AP writer.)

    That article also includes the “”Confused, contradictory chaos in Rome” quote from Voris – as well as the “seismic shift” line being used by homos all over.

  2. I think it was Our Lady of Lasalette who said Rome would lose the faith. It looks as if we are the unlucky generation who are witnessing that prophesy before our very eyes. I also think that the man sitting in the Chair of Peter never had the faith to lose.

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