Be Sure to Pack Plenty of Warm Clothing, Your Eminence!

Full credit for the link (and an hilarious introductory comment) to J. Paton on FB’s Cath. Laymen’s Theol. Forum:

“He doesn’t know it yet, but this is Siberia’s new Nuncio.” (J. Paton)

South African Cardinal: If Communion for divorced & remarried, what do we tell polygamists?
Strong words for those seeking divorce: carry your Cross!

From our friends at Catholic News Service comes a short interview today with Wilfried Cardinal Napier. The good cardinal rightly asks the question: if Kasper et al are successful, how could the Church deny Christ to a polygamist?

He also has a — sadly, nowadays — shocking message for those seeking the easy way out: carry your Cross!

(Please click on link to Rorate article, above, for video interview with His Eminence)

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3 comments on “Be Sure to Pack Plenty of Warm Clothing, Your Eminence!

  1. THE

    “and the gold of that land is good: there is … the onyx stone.” (Genesis 2:12)

    Semi-precious Priest
    Of stone —
    Jet-black onyx
    Skin on bone.

    Somber strength
    The Faith, the tone,
    Your sacrifice
    Our souls we hone.

    A pitch-dark deep
    “Carry your cross” he said.
    Otherwise you’ll be
    The living-dead.

    “Gold of that land”
    South Africa’s own –
    Melchisedech’s new
    Onyx stone!

  2. Nice one, Long Skirts.

    Me own heritage forces me to respond in this fashion:

    ‘Twas once a gent – South Afri-kan
    Who’d stood tall as can any man
    Then, them powers what be,
    That more sin might run free,
    Yelled: “Oh, yeah?
    The h*** we can’t!”

    And so they did.

    Soon legions of innocent pyg-a-mies
    Were up to their necks in mass bigamies
    For all had been told
    By wild gauchos most bold
    “No biggy, you’re on the peripheries!”

    So, quick as a wink
    An’ a’fore ya could think,
    But for remnants, new church
    Had gone straight down the drink

    Cue: Rim shot

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