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This information is presented with a view of attempting to discern truth from falsity with respect to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the subsequent election of Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy. It in no way asks the reader to presume I have any way of determining what is truthful from what is happening, or has happened, in the Church over the last decade. It is simply my attempt to dig at the truth.
Computer translation from Los Ultimos Tiempos (Spanish) (Edited for readability by phaley- taken from biblefalseprophet.com/2014/01/23/letter-to-pope-benedict-on-his-invalid-resignation/)
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José Alberto Villasana Munguia is a writer and analyst of political, economic and religious settings. .By training in Theology (Gregorian U.), Philosophy (U. Angelicum in Rome) Classical Humanities (CES Salamanca, Spain) and Communication (ITAM ) he has managed to unravel the consequences of modern counterculture movements, dedicated to understanding the conflicts afflicting the contemporary man. Throughout the years he has analyzed topics of great interest as the New Age, the End Times, the global financial instability and the challenges posed by the globalization process. Meanwhile, his keen vision of diplomacy has become one of the leading analysts of church-state relations and the impact of religion in international spheres of influence. He is a member of the Press Club of Mexico, independent lecturer and commentator on radio and television. Has received three National Journalism Award (2002, 2004, 2009). Has served as Advisor to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Mexico relationship Vatican, as Adviser to the Director of Social Communications of the Archdiocese of Mexico, as a researcher and columnist of the Directorate General of Information and News from TV Azteca, and as Vice President of the Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver. has written 11 books, including include:
 “Between Chaos and Hope” (Diana, 2000)
 “Sangre de Mayo: Murder of Cardinal Posadas Ocampo” (Ocean, 2001)
 “Reflections on the Apocalypse” (2003 Abacar Editions)
 “The Return of the Silver Coin, fair and honest as money, in the light of the Social Doctrine of the Church” (Abacar Editions, 2006)
He has written many articles in international press, and has participated in numerous conferences and symposia.

Letter to Benedict XVI
By Alberto Villasana

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Holy Father:
On December 17, 2012 the Cardinals Herranz, Tomko and De Giorgi gave you the file of the results of research that asked them to look into leaks of confidential documents known as “Vatileaks” and about especially the threat of death that was against your person, leaked to the newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, and which I had reported at the time to Cardinal Darío Castrillón.

In finding that, indeed, high prelates in the Vatican, belonging to the lodge of ecclesiastical Masonry, had decided to kill you, you resolved
to resign. A few days later you communicated to your brother, the priest Georg Ratzinger, that you would abandon the See of Peter, knowing he never imagined “that face of the Church.” Before Christmas you had already decided to resign, but waited to publicly announce it until February 11, 2013.
Not that you have been afraid of losing your life, knowing that you promised to be ready to give your life for Christ since your appointment as cardinal, but you did it for the good of the Church, considering that if they actually managed to kill you, your death would have caused an earthquake, triggering a hellish struggle for influence and shady maneuvers arising from internal antagonisms in the curia facing succession. Not fearing death, but for the damage it may have caused to the Church, you decided it was best to step aside to remove threats and advance a peaceful succession. And, here, yes you did.
In a report that was prepared by the Jesuit priest Arnaldo Zenteno, posted on April 9, 2013 (ingrupobasesfys.blogspot.mx) noted that when the newly elected Pope Francis came to you at Castel Gandolfo, he trusted that same premise: that one of the causes that influenced your resignation were that threats were received, since you could find that they had already made the decision to kill.

In this sense, Holy Father, if it is true that you expressed in your statement given “freely”, the fact is that you were more or less forced by the pressure of a strong rush, so your freedom, according to the canonical doctrine was conditional “in radice” . While it took the decision to resign in accordance with the powers you grant the Code of Canon Law, took it under the duress of a moral violence, which, Holy Father, from the root invalidated your final decision and finally made invalid the act you performed.

We must recognize that while the Church has always considered a sacred law that the election of a pope is ad vitam, it is good that canon law provides for the possibility of waiver in cases of extreme gravity, such as exile, persecution or other serious cause. In this sense, the waiver provided for in Canon 332 of the CDC is like a emergency exit door, and it is convenient to have both so that output helped you, Holy Father, to flee from the threat hanging over your person and the Church.

The fact is, Holy Father, that act, being the vitiated at the root, a single moral violence, your waiver lacked canonical validity. Therefore, the seat was never vacant and the conclave that followed was completely invalid.
In this conclave, distorted and confused, not having you at any time ceasing to be the Vicar of Christ, an anti-pope, who took the name of Francis, emerged.
To say that Bergolio is an antipope does not necessarily mean he is a bad person, or mean-spirited. In the history of the Church there have been 38 anti-popes. It only means that he is not the Vicar of Christ and, therefore, does not enjoy the charisma of indefectibility.
The proof is that it has already fallen into various heresies and errors to Tradition, as the echo of Docetist heresy saying that Christ is not angry at all, but only pretended, or that the Mosaic covenant was not abrogated by God, contradicting the Conciclio Florence and the teachings of several popes, or to apply, on a liberal and marxist analysis, that there must be a “poor Church for the poor,” when our Lord taught that the Church should be for everyone, rich and poor, or to veto the Mass of St. Pius V, that you, Holy Father had approved for various communities of religious and lay, or to wash the feet of two Muslims in the ceremony of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, and not twelve priests, as you always did you and those before you, that tradition was founded by our Savior to wash the feet of his disciples. False inter-religious dialogue that threatens to reach dire consequences for the faith of God’s people. This, not to mention the continuing transgressions in the liturgy and tradition, which reveal the meager appreciation Francis has for the papal investiture.
More and more priests have privately discussed the absurdities of Bergolio. Some, like Father Paul Kramer, an expert in the apparitions of Fatima, has dared to publicly demand the resignation of Francis, following the doctrine established by St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Alphonsus Liguori, San Anthony and Pope Innocent III, the which taught that when a pope is shown as a manifest heretic automatically ceases to be pope, for he is not a Catholic: “He who is not a member, can not be head”. And Saint Francis of Assisi, of whom Bergolio took his name, predicted that there would come a “non-canonically elected” Pope, which would not be “a true Pastor, but a destroyer of the Church.”
We know, Holy Father, that you until now have preferred a prudent silence to many abuses, strengthening yourself spiritually as Christ was strengthened when he retired to the desert before his passion and death.
But you have to raise your voice today against those seeking to adulterate the sacrament of the Eucharist to take the character of sacrifice and leave only the memorial, the Protestant style, so not to inconvenience other faiths. That day is not far off, no one will be outraged and resist and publicly condemn apostasy and sacrilege. Unfortunately, many have already been duped and have strayed from faith.
In this sense, Holy Father, will begin to be realized the situation predicted by saints and mystics, who predicted the painful schism in the Church, the division between the apostate church and the faithful Church.
The prophecies say that this schism is simultaneous to a sudden invasion of Russia on Europe, coinciding with the war described by the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 38), the Third World War. Then, the legitimate Pope, you Holy Father, you will be betrayed and persecuted, and have to flee Rome for refuge hidden in a faraway place, while the antipope will rule the Church supporting the false peace, unification of religions sacrilegious . That false peace will support the religious world government of the Antichrist. That will be the last and greatest test the faithful Church will suffer.
At that time, the antipope will betray faith accept the coalition of all faiths and renounce the Catholic identity. You Benedict XVI, you will be pursued to the end, and you will die a martyr of the Eucharist by a cruel death, according to his vision Pius X and Lucia had also narrated in the third secret of Fatima.
St. Francis of Assisi said: “There will be a pope not canonically elected to cause a great schism”. And Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Augustinian religious, said: “I saw a strong opposition between two popes, and saw how dire the consequences of the false church (…) This will cause the greatest schism that has been seen in the world “.
The Blessed Virgin said explicitly in the Salette: “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.”
And there are many private revelations and announcements of church leaders:
• Says Padre Paul Kramer, “The antipope and his apostate collaborators will be like Lucy, supporters of the devil, those who work for evil without being afraid of anything Sister said.”
• And the above, disclosed by Pope St. Pius X “I’ve had a terrible vision: I do not know if I or one of my successors, I will be, but I saw a Pope fleeing Rome among the corpses of his brothers he took refuge incognito somewhere and after a short time die a cruel death. “.
• John Rocapartida: “Approaching the End Times, the Pope and his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic consequences to a place where they will not be recognized, and the Pope will suffer a cruel death in exile.”
• Nicolas de Fluh: “The Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in dire situation to a place where they will be unknown Pope die atrociously during his exile The sufferings of the Church will be greater than any historical moment prior…”
• Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, founder societies secular clergy in the eighteenth century: “God will allow a great evil against His Church: come suddenly and unexpectedly bursting while bishops and priests are asleep will enter Italy and devastate Rome, burn churches. destroy everything “.
• The revelation received by Mother Elena Aiello, famous stigmatized it was often consulted by Pope Pius XII: “Italy will be shaken by a great revolution (…) Russia will be imposed on nations, especially on Italy, and raise the red flag on the dome of St. Peter. ”
• John’s words of Vitiguero: “When the world be disturbed, Pope change of residence”.
• Elena Leonardi, power spiritual Padre Pio ” The Vatican will be invaded by communist revolutionaries betrayed the pope Italy will suffer a major revolt and be cleansed by a great revolution Russia march on Rome and the Pope will be severely endangered…. ”
• Enzo Alocci: “Pope temporarily disappear and this will happen when there is a revolution in Italy. ”
Ana Maria • Blessed Taigi: “Religion is persecuted and massacred priests, the Holy Father will be forced to leave Rome.”.
• Mystical Mary Steiner: “The Holy Church will be persecuted, Roma will be without a shepherd “.
• Revelations in Garabandal. “Pope may not be in Rome, you have to chase and hide”
• Al P. Stefano Gobbi, mystic and founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Lady confided: “The Masonic forces have entered the church and hides in a disguised form, and established his headquarters in the same place where he lives and works the Vicar of my . son Jesus is being carried as is contained in the third part of my message, which has not yet been revealed, but it has already become clear by the same events that are living “.
• Your predecessor Pope Paul VI: “The smoke of Satan has entered through the cracks of the Church “(Homily of June 29, 1972).
• According to St. Paul, the Antichrist will be revealed just after the Pope be cast aside: “Just to put away means the one who holds it, then the wicked be revealed “(2 Thessalonians 2: 6-8).
Canon Rock who wrote of the excommunicated Enlightenment whicadre helped infiltration against the Church: “In its current form, the papacy will disappear, the new social order will be implemented from Rome but outside of Rome, not Rome, although Rome against Roma. And this new church though perhaps not keeping anything of scholastic discipline and rudimentary form of the ancient Church of Rome will, however, receive consecration and canonical jurisdiction.” The new church, led by the antipope, will support the unification of religions and false peace, fulfilling that which was spoken by Jesus Christ in the sense that even the elect will be deceived.
Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was very clear when he declared, before the Eucharistic Congress in Pennsylvania in 1977. “We are facing the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever had. We are at the final contest between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence and is a challenge that the whole Church has to accept. ”
In 1917 they were revealed to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, the revelation that Pope St. Pius X had a few years ago, only in even more precise terms: “We saw a bishop dressed in white, we had a feeling out the Holy Father, flee a city trembling unsteadily and in ruins. ”
Fatima’s version aims to further that it could be you, most blessed Father, and explain the phrase “We saw a bishop dressed in white, we had a feeling it was the Holy Father.” If it had been evident that it was the reigning pope, they would have said so undeniably . Instead, they saw a “bishop dressed in white”. They could never imagine your theme “waiver” so that they only had “a feeling.”
The second element is even more precise and revealing: they saw fleeing “trembling with halting step,” which may be due to old age you already have. A third element is also revealing: of the same bishop dressed in white who are fleeing before Rome- afterwards, when he is killed, yes it was the “Holy Father”.
Following the flight of the legitimate pope, the antipope in Rome will lead the “new church”, supporting the union of apostate religions. It is the “abomination of desolation” foretold since ancient times by the prophet Daniel, established in the holy place, which will coincide with the installation of the anti-Christ in the temple of Jerusalem rebuilt for the third time.
In the words of Cardinal Luigi Ciappi, personal theologian to Pope John Paul II: “The Third Secret refers to the loss of faith in the Church, i.e., apostasy, will enter the top of the Church.”
We want to tell you, Holy Father, we are continually praying for you, that your faith may not fail and God will give you the necessary grace to testify and be willing to embrace martyrdom for His sake. It forces us always remember one of your last words while still in the See of Peter: “You will be with me, even though to the world remains hidden” (Address to the Roman Clergy, February 14, 2013). We, Holy Father, and will continue to be with you in the future which Providence throws at you.


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