Synod: Yet Another Neological Nostrum – God “Dreams” (Francis)

10/05/2014 11:51

Pope to Synod on the Family: God’s dream always clashes with the hypocrisy of some of his servants
Bernardo Cervellera
At the opening Mass of the Synod on “The pastoral challenge of the family in the context of evangelization,” Pope Francis warns against greed and arrogance, by placing ” intolerable burdens on the shoulders of others ” and considering “the faith of the Church” as “property.” Let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit not to “thwart” God’s dream. Present the 253 members of the synod, including 18 members from Asia and 14 married couples from all over the world.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – “God’s dream always clashes with the hypocrisy of some of his servants”: This was the warning against being guided by “hypocrisy”, “greed” and “pride” that Pope Francis made today at the opening of the Synod of bishops which has a theme the “pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization”. The Synod will last until October 19. The opening Mass, celebrated this morning in St. Peter’s Basilica, was attended by cardinals, patriarchs, bishops, priests and laity. They included the 253 members of the synodal assembly, in which there are 18 members from Asia and 14 married couples from different parts of the world.

The Pope urged the wide-ranging representation from all the Churches of the world – in addition to guests from Fraternal Churches, Orthodox and Protestants – to get to the heart of the real situations of families in the world and find the most appropriate means to address the pastoral problems facing them.

For this reason, for the first time, in preparation for the Synod, every diocese and the congregation responded to a lengthy questionnaire that was a snapshot of the difficulties, situations and pastoral methods. Among the issues raised was undoubtedly the secularization that stifles the lives of families, and that puts its ability to pass on the faith to new generations at risk. But there is also the departure from the dogmatic and ecclesial discipline of marriage and married life, as well as the emergence of de facto unions between persons of different sex or the same sex, who live on the edge or outside of the Church, giving rise to new generations who know nothing of the Christian proclamation.

In the media debate ahead of the Synod focused on the theme of communion for divorced and a possible sacrament for remarried couples, with cardinals and theologians who in the name of mercy, would like to draw these people who have broken the marriage bond closer to the Sacraments. On the other hand, there are cardinals and theologians who in the name of truth and of the ecclesial tradition reaffirm the value of an indissoluble marriage, excluding those who have broken the bond from the sacraments, while avoiding the risk of marginalizing them.

Pope Francis seems to lean toward the first position, that of mercy, but to date has not clearly expressed himself on the issue. In any case, he constantly emphasizes that the new crisis of traditional marriage demands the presence of the Church.

In his homily, the Pope spoke of today’s liturgy of the Word (XXVII Sunday in Ordinary Time A), which presents the vineyard cared for and loved by the Lord, which produces only “wild grapes” (Isaiah 5,1-7​​).

“The vineyard of the Lord – he said – is his “dream”, the plan which he nurtures with all his love, like a farmer who cares for his vineyard. Vines are plants which need much care! God’s “dream” is his people. He planted it and nurtured it with patient and faithful love, so that it can become a holy people, a people which brings forth abundant fruits of justice”.

But in both the ancient prophecy and in Jesus’ parable, God’s dream is thwarted. Isaiah says that the vine which he so loved and nurtured has yielded “wild grapes” (5:2,4); God “expected justice but saw bloodshed, righteousness, but only a cry of distress” (v. 7).

“In the Gospel, it is the farmers themselves who ruin the Lord’s plan: they fail to do their job but think only of their own interests”.

“In Jesus’ parable, – he added – he is addressing the chief priests and the elders of the people, in other words the “experts”, the managers. To them in a particular way God entrusted his “dream”, his people, for them to nurture, tend and protect from the animals of the field. This is the job of leaders: to nuture the vineyard with freedom, creativity and hard work”.

The “wise men” and the “ruling class” are a clear hint to the members of the Synod, composed for the most part by the ecclesiastical authorities. The Pope seems to condemn those who remain too tied to rules and asphyxiating patterns, but also those who manipulate the faith of the Church as if it were his property, ” But Jesus tells us that those farmers took over the vineyard. Out of greed and pride they want to do with it as they will, and so they present God from realizing his dream for the people he has chosen. The temptation to greed is ever present. We encounter it also in the great prophecy of Ezekiel on the shepherds (cf. ch. 34), which Saint Augustine commented upon in one his celebrated sermons which we have just reread in the Liturgy of the Hours. Greed for money and power. And to satisfy this greed, evil pastors lay intolerable burdens on the shoulders of others, which they themselves do not lift a finger to move (cf. Mt 23:4)”.

“We, too, – he added – in the Synod of Bishops, are called to work for the Lord’s vineyard. Synod Assemblies are not meant to discuss beautiful and clever ideas, or to see who is more intelligent… They are meant to better nuture and tend the Lord’s vineyard, to help realize his dream, his loving plan for his people. In this case the Lord is asking us to care for the family, which has been from the beginning an integral part of his loving plan for humanity”.

“We too can be tempted to “take over” the vineyard, because of that greed which is always present in us human beings. God’s dream always clashes with the hypocrisy of some of his servants. We can “thwart” God’s dream if we fail to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit gives us that wisdom which surpasses knowledge, and enables us to work generously with authentic freedom and humble creativity”.

“My brothers, – he concluded – to do a good job of nurturing and tending the vineyard, our hearts and our minds must be kept in Jesus Christ, as Saint Paul says, by “the peace of God which passes all understanding” (Phil 4:7). In this way our thoughts and plans will correspond to God’s dream: to form a holy people who are his own and produce the fruits of the kingdom of God (cf. Mt21:43)”.

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5 comments on “Synod: Yet Another Neological Nostrum – God “Dreams” (Francis)

  1. So, now we have a God who does not know everything past, present and future but who “dreams” of what might have been or what still may be??? God help us. When are we going to hear from the real Pope in Rome who will put an end to this nonsense?

  2. Phaley asks: “When are we going to hear from the real Pope in Rome who will put an end to this nonsense?”




    VATICAN–According to reports today, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is seeking the chair of his pontificate months after his resignation. The news has sent shock waves around the world.

    Vatican spokesman Fr. Vitateli Devitiamani told EOTT that, “He came for a dinner as scheduled and then proceeded to return to his old living quarters. That wouldn’t be a problem, since His Holiness Pope Francis chose to live elsewhere, the room is open. However, once we asked him where he was going, he simply said, ‘I’m back,’ then proceeded to put his sunglasses on even though we were inside.”

    Sources say that the next morning, he walked down the hall asking for his valet and his red Prada shoes, and was overheard asking an adviser to “get Burke on the line.”

    This comes 19 months after his official resignation from the Holy See. EOTT had the chance to sit down with the Pope Emeritus to discuss the ordeal.

    “You have to understand that, months ago, I received a call from Word of Fire Catholic Ministries. It was Fr. Steve Grunow on the phone along with his colleague Jared Zimmerer. They’re both serious about the care of the body and the mind, and offered to help me regain some strength in both. I gratefully accepted. So, after months of training, I’ve lost weight, regained my muscle mass and strength of mind. I’ve never felt better. And to tell you the truth, I never actually filed the paperwork to officially exit my office,” Benedict said just outside the Bernini Columns where he proceeded to flick a lit cigarette into a full barrel of gasoline and walk away as the barrel exploded.

    At press time, Benedict still hasn’t looked back at the massive explosion.

  3. Speaking of dreams….can someone please wake me from this hellish nightmare??!

  4. Francis is the real pope. “Real” means he was legitimately elected, not that he is orthodox or effective. He can be un-elected. The cardinals must declare him a manifest heretic–I think that’s the term. If you google this, you’ll find a misuse–that he IS a manifest heretic, rather than that the cardinals declare him such. As if it were something we can vote on.

    We can’t vote on it but we can influence the cardinals by creating a ‘buzz.’ I suggest we begin to use the term and call for it. I imagine there will be others who attended SSPX’s examination of the Papacy in Kansas City a couple of years back, and some among the novus ordo hierarchy as well. ‘Francis, and by extension the teaching of Vatican II of which he is the spokesperson, is promoting manifest heresy. ‘

  5. Can anyone now deny that this evil creature is a menace to the Church?

    May his reign be short.

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