fun dating a Vatican priest

Some trendy cougar from Australia (who looks something like Jerry Seinfeld) has written a book mixing blind dates with meals around the world. One such date, who must have known that this was being done for a book and proceeded nevertheless without any fear of consequences, was a priest.

A prince, a gigolo, a Vatican priest and an aspiring serial killer: Woman travels to 22 countries to go on 75 blind dates… but did she find The One?

I today’s world, the priest is very likely correct in that he will suffer zero consequences. This is yet another reason that Frankie ordered the Vatican police to enforce his personal ban on “gossip”, lest details of what goes on in the Vatican get out.

Btw, the author further demonstrated her high morality in having specified that the men be preferably but not necessarily single.

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4 comments on “fun dating a Vatican priest

  1. One more reminder of Chesterton’s remark that if his daughter ever turned to prostitution, he’d never abandon prayerful hope. But if his son became a journalist and remained at it more than a few months, sayonara!

  2. “Woman travels to 22 countries to go on 75 blind dates…”

    After viewing her picture, I can see why they would have to be blind.

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