Cupich played race card in Oct. 2008 to help Obama

Obviously worried that Catholic voters would vote against Obama because of his 100% abortion-loving beliefs, Cupich wrote in America mag to muddy the waters with his implications that opposition to Obama comes from “racism”.

The reality is that Obama had won the primaries over Hillary, who had nearly identical policies, precisely because he’s black. Obama and his media allies then went on to also play the race card against McCain. Cupich, in his effort to actively help the radical leftist Obama, showed his own terrible liberal bigotry by playing the same race card.

Racism and the Election
October 27, 2008
Blase J. Cupich


The article itself it typical lib drivel. It employs ambiguity (the same that Francis typically utilizes) so that he endorses Obama while being able to claim that he’s not doing so. Cupich is two-faced.

I’ll post instead a very informative comment from there, made by Leo James:

We found Bishop Cupich’s behavior to be incompatible with being a Christian when he was our Pastor in Omaha. Shortly after he was named Pastor of our parish, he publicaly reprimanded our daughter for genuflecting prior to receiving the Holy Eucharist. She had just returned home from a Catholic college and was attending Sunday Mass with us. She made a simple genuflection while in line and before he gave her Communion he said in a loud voice, “that kind of behavior is not acceptable in my Church; if you do that again I won’t administer Communion to you”. We left the parish but have prayed for him since.

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2 comments on “Cupich played race card in Oct. 2008 to help Obama

  1. Cupich is a twit like all the pigmy brained clergy that helped The Obamanation get elected. A jesuit president of a local university came to a Knights of Columbus before the last election and proclaimed “It is hard not to vote for Obama since he is doing everything the Church wants.” That is why 54% of the low information voter catholics voted for the idiot we now have in the white house .

  2. Just a little FYI, it seems that pewsitter was here – that’s the title of this post that they used, though they linked not to here but to the underlying article at America. You can see it right around dead center. (For a larger version, click the photo.)

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