The Preposterous Nonsense

“SSPX is in an irregular canonical position.”?

Say what??? With all that is taking place in the “new springtime” today, with open heresy being preached from the pulpits, with the holy father inferring in his speeches that non-catholics and even non-believers can be saved without conversion, indeed, that is is traditional catholics that are the problem because they hold fast to the traditions handed down to them from the apostles, I mean, what can be said about the failure of Rome to wholeheartedly embrace the SSPX and other orders/independents who practice tne Faith? Well, what can be said is this: we know who is “in an irregular canonical position” and who is not and it is NOT the SSPX and those who follow Tradition that are irregular, it is those who refuse to follow Tradition.

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7 comments on “The Preposterous Nonsense

  1. Rorate has this now:


    “On the morning of Tuesday 23 September from 11 am to 1 pm, a cordial meeting took place at the premises of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, between Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the Society of St. Pius X. The meeting was also attended by Archbishops Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, S.I., secretary of the same Congregation, Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P., adjunct secretary and Guido Pozzo, secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, along with two assistants from the Society of St. Pius X, Rev. Niklaus Pfluger and Rev. Alain-Marc Nély.

    “During the meeting, various problems of a doctrinal and canonical nature were examined, and it was decided to proceed gradually and over a reasonable period of time in order to overcome difficulties and with a view to the envisioned full reconciliation.”

  2. I don’t know what this meeting today accomplished, or intended to accomplish? In my opinion probably just the status quo between the FSSPX and Rome. Yet I know it was the wish of Archbishop Lefebvre for the Society to reunite with Rome at the proper time, but I just can’t imagine Bishop Fellay, or anyone else in the Society thinking now is the time for “full communion” with a devout modernist sitting in the Chair of Peter who has declared war on traditional Catholics, orthodoxy etc with guys like Bergoglio and Kasper running the Barque of Peter. The attack on the FFI, cleaning out the few remaining trad or “conservative” Cardinals in Rome, a synod, called at the behest of the current Bishop of Rome, that looks like it’s going to “legalize” (in the modernist interpretation of “love”, “charity” and “forgiveness”) adultery, divorce and God knows what else. It’s up to God what he wants, but in my finite mind I just don’t see the benefit for the FSSPX RIGHT NOW for reunion if that is what this meeting was all about.

    • They did say “proceed gradually and over a reasonable period of time,” which one hopes will be longer than this pontificate endures.

      If not to “legalize” adultery and divorce, certainly to “legalize” sacrilege.

  3. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. What does ‘full communion’ actually mean, considering the relevant factors, i.e. what constitutes the ‘disobedience’ of the SSPX? First off the Bishops are not excommunicated, while their orders are valid and Rome doesn’t dispute this. They are not “out of full communion” for their doctrinal orthodoxy, the doctrinal position of SSPX apart from the 5% or whatever of VII they won’t sign up to is not an issue to Rome which makes no accusation nor even a hint of heterodoxy on the part of the SSPX. So basically it comes down to SSPX won’t celebrate the Novus Ordo, they won’t close their seminaries, and they reject certain “pastoral” and thus none-binding statements of Vatican II. Basically “out of communion” means “not buying into NuChurch.”

    Of course, the problems run much deeper than this from the POV of the SSPX, but from Rome’s perspective the matters are fairly simple.

    For the foreseeable “full communion” with Rome would be poison to the SSPX.

  4. If the SSPX didn’t get an agreement with Pope Benedict, i doubt that they would want an agreement with the heretical clowns running the show in Rome today

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