SSPX Reparation Mass Called “Worse than Black Mass” – by Priest!

Fresh from the Funny Farm, the Chris Matthews of Nervous Ordealdom launches once again…

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There Is Something Worse Than A Black Mass

The imagery that is being circulated of the confrontation with the diabolical at the black mass in Oklahoma city is truly moving. But there is something worse than a black mass. It is the abuse of God’s Mercy.

I have seen the images of the Society of +Marcel Lefevbre in a full demonstration against the black mass that took place on September 21, 2014. They look every bit Catholic … yet they are not submissive to the Vicar of Christ. They are Catholic protestants.

And while they decry the attack on Christ in the black mass, do they not realize that they are compounding the wound in the Heart of Christ, by attacking the Body of Christ? How can any Catholic not feel indignant as he sees this tragedy in front of him.

And what is to be said of all those who participate in a Mass said by a priest who does not have the faculties to say Mass? They promote and assist at a Mass in which the priest objectively offers Mass in the state of mortal sin. How horrible!

The abuse of God’s Mercy is compatible to an attack on the Blessed Sacrament. It is to take the most stunning attribute of God, His Mercy, and to abuse it. By resisting the call of grace to be converted and return to the Church, to remain intransigent, and stubborn to the workings of grace, the Society of +Marcel attack the Mercy of God! He has given all of us grace, and time to make a sincere conversion.

By pertending you don’t need conversion … but everybody else does … reveals your spiritual tepidity.

The demonstration on Sunday doesn’t reveal the sanctity or good faith of the followers of +Marcel but only further reveals the catastrophe that has befallen the Church. Instead of circulating images of the Society of +Marcel and praising their witness, we should pray and do penance for these Catholic-protestants to return to the Church’s bosoom.

Posted by Fr. Paul Nicholson at 11:15 AM

LINK ( article on Nicholson from the Remnant )

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14 comments on “SSPX Reparation Mass Called “Worse than Black Mass” – by Priest!

  1. Words fail.

    I’m sure he will also exhort people to pray and do penance for “Protestant-protestants” to return to the Church’s bosom, right?

    There is something pathetically twisted about a man who hates the subject of his writing so much that he won’t even use its actual name.

  2. Ugh. At least he’s insisting on doing penance. But it’s really sad that he makes the comparison to an attack on the Blessed Sacrament, an analogical sacrilege – however tenuous and unfounded – apparently being literally worse than the attacks carried out on communion under the auspices of the Novus Ordo. Indeed, he evidently has no problem with those ‘innovations’ but believes they should be enforced with the full authority of the Holy See, to the ‘protestantization’ of all detractors (who are worse than people celebrating a Black Mass!)

    But just look at the way language is used for such layered rhetorical effect. Sophistry doesn’t do justice to the pure P.R. hatchet job he’s going for. Every expression seems to be aimed at creating the maximum of obfuscation by soundbite. If I didn’t know better, I would say it’s one of the most lily-livered pieces of lying by a lying liar who lies that I’ve seen in some time, but there’s no way a priest in the Church would willingly engage in a wicked abuse of reason and dogma in order to smear an Orthodox Catholic order just because they have a canonical/facebook status of “it’s difficult.”

    I guess he’s just sorely mistaken, so trying *really* hard for the wrong side. I mean, if I had just obeyed VII church without questioning because I was sure that was my duty then what else would I think about those who refuse? If I really believed VII was a work of grace, of The Holy Spirit and not the world-spirit, what would I think of those who rejected it? It’s hard to be charitable in cases such as this, so it’s good to look for avenues to empathy. I’ve been an idiot much of my life too, and even confused the world-spirit for the action of God in the world much like VII true believers have done.

    Lord please help us.

  3. I see this as a good example case of someone who is on the wrong side of this issue but is not a typical liberal bigot.

    Quoting Fr Nicholson: “Fr. Longenecker’s mushy, gushy post on the St. Patrick’s day parade in New York City from September 9th, “What Would Jesus Do”. (I don’t think it necessary to increase the boost of Patheticos [by linking], I disagree with its editorial policy…”

    Yet Nicholson is apparently completely submerged in the idea that a pope (and also perhaps any Church authority) must always be obeyed, no matter what. So, it will be interesting to see how he changes (or not) as Francis’ machinations progress from the groundwork stage (of mainly words) to actual actions.

    This case also demonstrates how well Francis’ sly machinations are so effective in a lot of quarters.

    Nicholson’s blog is not moderated. I just commented there. I don’t think he replies to comments, though.

    He is a possible future ally. Maybe.

    God bless and protect the SSPX.

  4. i’m confused. When was the SSPX reexcommunicated?

  5. Reconverted idiot said:

    “I guess he’s just sorely mistaken, so trying *really* hard for the wrong side”

    “To be wrong, and to be carefully wrong, that is the definition of decadence.” (G. K. Chesterton)

  6. In 1907, Mirus or Nicholson probably would have been consigned to total (and merciful) obscurity – by vehement popular demand. But, back then, we had REAL Catholics working in Rome and Catholics had at least a 75 point lead on most Catholics, now 107 later, in the IQ department. Liberalism destroys grey matter.

    Nicholson is an Opie Dopie plant. We’ve many times, here, explained what that cult is about and this clerical misfit only proves it.

  7. “key Catholic doctrines as they have become more fully understood and developed in modern times.”

    Dr. Mirus refuses to address the question that what he claims to be modern understanding and development of doctrines, has resulted in new doctrines which contradict those held by the Church for two millennia, and that these new doctrines are nothing other than the modernism anathematized by several popes, from Leo XIII to Pius XII.

  8. A

    Beware such evil
    Pictures, simple
    Of praying nuns
    In veils and wimple

    Beware those sitting
    In wheel chair
    Saying the rosary
    Under sun’s glare

    Beware the mother
    Ever nursing
    She deserves a
    Feminist cursing

    Beware Tradition’s
    Young priesthood
    Laying their lives
    For all that is good

    But “like” me on Face Book
    Pump up book sales
    Watch my You/Tubes
    I’m…”A man For All Wales”!

  9. “The demonstration on Sunday doesn’t reveal the sanctity or good faith of the followers of +Marcel but only further reveals the catastrophe that has befallen the Church. Instead of circulating images of the Society of +Marcel and praising their witness, we should pray and do penance for these Catholic-protestants to return to the Church’s bosom.”

    What an unmitigated bunch of crap! It’s time for idiots like Nicholson to specify what doctrinal or dogmatic heresies the SSPX is guilty of. The same applies to those who agree with him. Are you listening, Jeff?

  10. According to Pope Francis even Atheists get to Heaven ,so Catholic Protestants should be in good standing .

  11. A broad Protestantism dictates that the only enemies among Christians are the Catholics.

    The SSPX represents what all Catholics were, up until Thuh Council.

    Do the math.

  12. Nicholson did reply there (then eventually shut off the comments).

    Ignorance reigns supreme among the followers of +Marcel. There is no other way to describe it. As long as you delay your return to the Spouse of Christ, you abuse the Mercy of God. The hour is approaching for all of us, death is certain. What if I am right and you are wrong? The Pope has declared it very clearly, the society of Marcel Lefevbre is outside the Church. It does not have any canonical identity. Its priests and bishops offer Mass WITHOUT permission of the Pope and sin gravely by bringing Christ down upon disobedient altars. What if you are wrong? You will risk eternity for your stubbornness? You think that by abusing the Mercy of God here, you will obtain Mercy in eternity? I can only repeat, REPENT of this obstinate sin. A black mass is horrible … but so is abusing God’s Mercy. It is terrible to be in such obstinate sin that you can’t see it.

    As a blind follower, he might stumble upon Francis sharing a bubble bath with Bruce Jenner and immediately start concocting some rationale about how Francis is cleverly converting Bruce.

  13. “Father Nicholson, why thou persecuteth me?” It is hard to put into words the feelings that are circulating inside me. I was at the beautifully done SSPX Mass on the 21st and was honored afterwards to recite the Rosary among many good Catholics during the procession. My first inclination was violence against a priest, to call him stupid, ignorant, beat him and and accuse him of serving under the banner of the devil. Because you are either on the side of Christ, or satan and those remarks are not of one who is guided by Christ. Then there was heartfelt sorrow that I was compared to a devil worshipper. Now that I have had time to breath, charity will show through as it must for all of you. Pray to Our Lady of Good Success for Father Nicholson. “Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    • Yeah, pretty shocking stuff, isn’t it, Krebo?

      I don’t have any problem dealing with individual ideologues like Nicholson, though. Judas Iscariot has his little cult, to this day, too.

      Had Pius X been pope when that cretin pulled that stunt the entire Opie Dopie sect would have been reduced to ashes for Nicholson’s temerity and viciousness.

      Your response was tremendous, though. And, ultimately, that’s all that can be done in a now-totally feminized/socialized Brave New Church.

      But it takes a great Catholic heart, like yours, to even want to.

      Keep it up.

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