Socci: Benedict XVI is STILL Pope (New Book)

[ Note: There has been a constant, small, quiet discussion in certain ecclesial circles that Pope Benedict is STILL the pope. Socci has a new book affirming that argument. Stay tuned. If nothing else, it will be fun watching the miserablist progressives’ heads explode. I can’t say since it is way above my pay grade. But I know what I’d like to see occur (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) – gpmtrad) ]

[ Machine translation from Italian… ]


Continue to sign Benedictus XVI, with lots of PP to indicate the papal power, which, however, Francesco has never done since the day of his inauguration on Petrine chair. Dressed in white and white continues to dress, even if it has stopped the mantelletta and headband. There was no time to retrieve a black cassock around the Vatican, is the justification a bit ‘sluggish that comes in oltretevere.

Papa was and remains Pope, although emeritus. Hath kept also the emblem with the crossed keys that some zealous cardinal expert in heraldry had tried to update, removing any reference to the Petrine ministry. But then what value does the waiver announced by Joseph Ratzinger, seated on the throne red in the Clementine Hall, on February 11 of a year ago, to the surprise of the cardinals present, some of which – not accustomed to Latin – had not realized the extent of what was happening, “unique case in the two thousand years of church history”? In asking this question is the Catholic writer Antonio Socci, in “Is not Francis”, full-bodied upcoming book by Mondadori in early October and powerful manifesto antibergogliano written – says the author – in obedience “to the cry of my conscience.” Benedict writes Socci, he would give only the active exercise of the ministry, while the Petrine “is forever.” And if one thing is for ever, can not be revoked. And ‘the transposition of the ancient Benedictine rule of Semel always abbas abbas. E ‘was even inside the fence of Peter, not closing in some monastery of Provence was a suggestion from many quarters. The Pope Emeritus does not speak, but “talk, however, his gestures, his signs and his decisions,” says the author, including the silence, “You know that every word could attract public attention, and whatever he said would be read or against his successor, “said the prefect and secretary of the Pontifical Household, Msgr. Georg Gänswein in an interview with the Messenger.

Doubt that in a year and a half from the gearbox on the Throne of Peter have not been clarified, questions remained unanswered. As that relating to the annulment of the election that saw the urn filed a tab more than the voters. The Cardinals, without much thought, they decided to burn all at once and make a new poll. Too bad, remember Socci, the rules do not allow it and then the election is null. Never occurred. The Apostolic Constitution, after all, requires that no one but the Pope can change the rules of the Conclave. That require up to four votes daily, and not five as it happened. Nothing personal, swears Socci. Also because admits he was one of many that “Bergoglio welcomed with open arms. I informed him (convincingly) that could also count on the prayers of myself and my family. “Everything in him, made ​​him think of “a breath of fresh air for the Vatican and for the whole church.” But – and here the writer takes issue with the traditionalist circles who accuse Francis of being the faithful executor of the Council, “that declarations of support today Bergoglio Scalfari and in the end they are in continuity with Pope Benedict XVI, John Paul II and Paul VI, namely that Bergoglio embodies the essence of Vatican II, it is absurd. “What is going on, adds the author of the book, which goes so far as to call into question a papal election, is not the realization of Vatican II, but “an abusive Vatican III.”



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16 comments on “Socci: Benedict XVI is STILL Pope (New Book)

  1. I’m sure “the gearbox on the Throne of Peter” is not really what it says, but it’s an interesting concept.

  2. Machine translation is hilarious. It gets me wondering a little about epistemology in regards to statistical methods in general. If that’s what massive-scale data does to language, what is the analogy for the empirical domain?

    As for getting my head around this novel situation, maybe statistical methods might help here. I seem to be able to go anywhere from Francis is the legit pope, to Benedict’s ‘resignation’ is a clever demonic scheme to get around some of God’s legalism concerning concerning anti-Christ and the See of Peter – getting Satan’s man the job anyway – all the way to when the war for the soul of the Church comes Benedict will be God’s point man for the Restoration retaining the authority to excommunicate the heretics en-mass (including the Nervous Ordeal ‘mass’). My inner fantasist likes the last scenario most, while I have to pray not only for Francis but also for the kinds of things the first and second scenarios make me think and feel.

    The null hypothesis – that this is just what it looks like: Francis on the throne, Benedict resigned, the tragedy of VII about to be superseded by the farce of the Synod on the Family (ironic use of Marxian motifs ftw!), no road back in sight – seems impossibly hard to disprove. God help us.

    Maybe a gearbox on the Throne of Peter would be a good innovation? It would be nice to have a good innovation for a change.

  3. Recon, some provocative notions, there.

    I’ll drive down to Monroe and check out disc brake systems for a semi. Benedict may need those, too, when he climbs back into the cockpit.

    I’m afraid the gay caballeros have already built up some substantial momentum and he’ll need all the stopping power he can muster.

    • “…some provocative notions, there.”

      Yeah, sorry about that. None of them are particularly original though, it seems a lot of people are *that* confused, scandalized or “just-can’t-flippin-believe-it-the-gall-of-these-people!!” that there’s no shortage of hypotheses out there.

      That they’re thinkable probably has more to do with the fact that they’re inventions of desperate minds fed on hollywood imagery than anything else. Brakes definitely needed for a desperate cliff avoidance scene.

  4. Apparently the word “cambio” can mean either “gearbox” or “exchange.”

  5. I just got an idea. If it pans out, I’ll be back….

  6. Later. Not working out. Shucks.

  7. Sometime in the last four weeks, there was a Catholic blog post (if I remember correctly) about an Italian nun who a hierarch in the Vatican confided to regarding a petition that was supposedly signed by thousands of progressive priests and bishops asking BXVI to resign, because they did not agree with the direction he was leading the Church. As the story goes, the petition was delivered to the Holy Father with the threat that if he did not resign the progressive wing of the Church would declare open schism, and the Holy Father resigned not long after.

    Did anybody see that post and/or remember its source?

    • If possible, ol’ buddy, track that one down and post whatever you can find.

      I’ve been working on an assignment this week that led me straight back to a post I’ve often put up about ex-KGB psyops expert, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected in the 80s and blew the lid off the “demoralization/destabilization” intrigue Moscow launched decades ago.

      Even though I am congenitally opposed to “conspiracy theories,” there have been a few that actually worked: c. April 6, 29 – 33 AD, Jerusalem, for starters. October, 1917, Moscow, for another. (Both inspired, organized and led by the same wonderful folks now running the US financial establishment, the media and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.)

      NOTHING is beyond the realm of possibility, these days.

      Go for it, Kopp!

      The vision of Burke and Schneider, surrounded by tens of thousands of men in suits and women in veils, crashing through the banana and mango vendor stalls just outside the Motel 6 in Sunny Nuovo Roma is simply TOO tantalizing to NOT persue!

      VIVA PAPA BENEDETTO!!!!!! CHA-R-R-R–R-R-R-GE!!!!!!

  8. The only way I can envision this happening is if Benedict XVI received an apparition from Our Lord Himself telling him he couldn’t resign the papacy and the showed him his place in Hell if he didn’t reclaim it and fix the problems that Bergoglio has caused. But, I have to admit that it seems unlikely such a thing would occur.

  9. If Pope Benedict returns he needs to demand that Wuerl, Dolar, Lori, and all the rest resign or if they refuse they should at least commit “Sepku with ritual swords.”

  10. In his “abdication” speech, Benedict XVI made it clear he was ONLY renouncing the active administrative
    exercise of the papacy, not the entire papacy and certainly not the spiritual aspect. As no Pope has the power to “divide” the Papacy in half, it is becoming increasingly plausible and perhaps even completely obvious to this observer that Benedict is still Pope and the Buenos Aires Buffoon an Anti-Pope.

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