SSPX Rally Against Satanic Act (Video)

THANKS BE TO GOD FOR THE SOCIETY OF ST. PIUS X and the faithful who support it.
Thanks be to God for their strength and courage
to defend Our Lord Jesus Christ and our holy Catholic faith publically….again…………

Here is the video by the SSPX on the black mass and the reparation made yesterday:

The pictures show both the SSPX effort and the diocesan effort to make reparation for the satanic ritual that took place yesterday at 7:00 p.m. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Close up pictures show Father Bourbeau and Father Novak. The video shows part of the SSPX effort at the beginning of the video.

Make God be honored by the reparation that took place.

God bless you all for your prayers.

Subject: SSPX Rally Against Satanic Act

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4 comments on “SSPX Rally Against Satanic Act (Video)

  1. Amen. Kind of got me choked up a little. Thanks for posting that, Cindy.

  2. You are welcome. Thanks for fixing that link.
    Got me choked up too, bigfred.
    So many Catholics responding to make reparation to our Lord and Blessed Mother! How wonderful!

  3. Thank you, Cindy!

    We DO know how this ends, it’s just being patient and persistent that makes it difficult.

  4. Yup, God will prevail and the forces of evil overcome!

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