Msgr. Anatrella on “masculine identity” for priests

From the story at Catholic News Service from 2005, about Msgr. Tony Anatrella:

Because the priest acts in the “person of Christ,” Msgr. Anatrella said, the church calls only “men mature in their masculine identity” to the diaconate and priesthood.



So let’s take a look at some role models from our modern times and see if they qualify:

4 photos

Okay, never mind. No problem there, false alarm.


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8 comments on “Msgr. Anatrella on “masculine identity” for priests

  1. Now that’s downright creepy.

    The credits say the producer is Christof Wolf, S.J., who also made a documentary about a Brooklyn-Jew “Zen teacher, [who] works as a peacemaker in the field of interfaith dialog throughout the world”. That’s downright groovy. It’s amazing how much a Jesuit can accomplish in the world when he’s not all distracted by that Jesus stuff.

  2. Watched approximately 15 seconds of the video of the dancing Jesuit.
    The homosexual radiation from it made me feel I might get some sort of cancer so I gratefully turned it off.
    Please tell me no one lets this creep anywhere near ordinary people.

  3. Holy Mother of God help us! Whether this guy truly is a sodomite, I don’t know, but even if by some miracle he isn’t my question is why would any man (especially someone who is a Catholic priest) dress up and do this? Where is the local bishop? Yet the men (and I use that term loosely) running the conciliar church tell the world that the FSSPX are in an “irregular canonical state”. Yeah right!
    I’ll tell you my friends, I really thought this old boy from New England has seen it all in my lifetime, but these idiots in the post-conciliar church sadly and nauseatingly keep proving me wrong.

  4. I have asked this before, and I keep asking it…

    is there no depths to which these people will not sink in order to totally embarrass their sacred office?

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