“In Good Standing” and Jus’ Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on da Rivuh!

A Reminder of Just How Depraved Brave New Church Has Become

[ And the SSPX is still considered to be in a canonically “irregular” condition??? ]

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6 comments on ““In Good Standing” and Jus’ Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on da Rivuh!

  1. At this alleged “parish” named after Our Lady, Star of the Sea (of immemorial fame in the hymn, “Ave Maris Stella”), JPII’s inculturation license provides all the “permission” these ignoramuses and their bozo “presider” need to make the Three Stooges look like Oxford dons.

    I’d love to see Raymond Arroyo and George Weigel spin this one.

    Although, for Mark Shea, it would probably be just a chip shot.

  2. No Mardi Gras Beads ???? No amount of “prayer” will help those “saints” !!!

  3. I am stunned…again.
    Each time I think the blasphemy couldn’t get any worse… and each time they just surprise me with how much they think they can insult God and get away with it.
    And each time, when you look at what is going on, it is ALL about their egos, their popularity, their desire to be Mr Popularity; and NOTHING about God and the worship of Him.

  4. I’d thought for sure you’d posted some Prot gospel church; but no, he is a Catholic priest and seems to be a rising star on the worldwide libCath speaking circuit: Fr. Tony Ricard from Louisiana. His twitter talks about lots of travel.

  5. And the SSPX is considered “irregular”!!!!
    “In an insane world, the sane man must appear insane. ”
    ——Mr. Spock, Star Trek

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