Radical LBGT ‘c’atholic group wants Msgr. Tony Anatrella out of the October Synod

DignityUSA Protests Role of Msgr. Tony Anatrella in Extraordinary Synod on Family, Calls for His Removal

Boston, MA. September 10, 2014. DignityUSA, the nation’s leading organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Catholics and allies, is outraged that Msgr. Tony Anatrella has been appointed as one of the “Collaborators of the Special Secretary” at the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family…


How did this happen? Can it be that the October synod is not a 100% libfest after all?

More on the surprising Msgr. Tony Anatrella:

Vatican newspaper says homosexual men not suitable for priesthood
By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

Even if they have never had a gay sexual experience and are fully committed to celibacy, homosexual men are not suitable candidates for the priesthood, said a long article [written by French Msgr. Tony Anatrella, a psychoanalyst and consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Family] in the Vatican newspaper.

and (very surprisingly) this:

He said they tend to have few friends, to close themselves off from others in “a clan of persons of the same type,” to resent the claims on their time made by parishioners, to encourage other gay men to enter the priesthood and to deal with authority predominantly as a matter of “seduction and rejection.”


Sound thinking on his part. I wonder, though, if Msgr. Tony Anatrella will be purged before the synod actually begins – or else, in order to not make any public waves, he might be quietly put in a closet for now and then be excluded from next year.

But then, the Special Secretary of the ExtraOrdinary Synod is Archbishop Bruno Forte of Italy. Forte certainly knew whom he was selecting. Also, in commenting on whether Francis’ pre-synod ‘survey’ was really in effect a political poll, Forte said, “the doctrine of the Church is not up for discussion”. That is effectively the opposite of the “unimagineable” and “unthinkable” changes promised by Francis for his reign. So then, is it possible that any attempts to stifle and silence Anatrella will result in firm resistance by Forte? I can only hope, because open resistance and public strife seems to be the only thing that can prevent Francis’ cunning strategy of relentless, slow strangulation of morality from succeeding.

The next time that somebody says “pray for Dolan”, I will instead pray that God protects the good Msgr. Tony Anatrella.

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  1. Photo of Fr Tony Anatrella:

  2. Let the LBGT go pound sand! Who are they to demand anything?

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