Atrocious videos have been posted on the internet of the beheading of innocent civilians, missionaries, in fact. The government of Turkey, a NATO member, has reportedly refused the use of its airbases to wage war against the incredibly brutal and vicious Islamic terrorists responsible for not only for the beheadings but for the outright slaughter of innocent Christians in lands controlled by the terrorists. Where is the outrage of the Occupant of the Chair of Peter? Instead we are told that he is preparing for his trip to Turkey??? This is incredible and if it’s not the diabolical disorientation spoken of by Sr. Lucy, I don’t know what is. O, Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

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  1. Very much like Obama.

  2. A conservative commentator pointed out the other day that the Left is hypocritical about where it vents its outrage. He mentioned that the number of beheadings in Mexico in recent years is even greater than those publicized from ISIS, that Mexico has had a devastating impact on the United States economy and has discharged violent criminals into our society without a peep from the official gubmint.

    And so, he asked, where’s the outcry for airstrikes on Mexico?

  3. St. John the Baptist was beheaded as were many of the saints of the early Church but that doesn’t make the practice morally justified. The point is Jorge is condemning practices that he finds offensive like holding fast to Tradition but keeps silent on many others. Like many Modernists the things he decries are those he practices the most.

  4. Jorge, in my humble opinion, by his words, actions and inactions since ascending to the Papacy, is not only a theological, moral and philosophical imbecile, but totally diabolical! Yes, I’ve said that many times here on AQ, and I don’t enjoy it, believe me, but Jorge isn’t retarded, even though sometimes he says and does things that could lead one to believe that. He’s a devout modernist. I just can’t comprehend in my finite mind how a man like Jorge Bergoglio could ascend to the papacy without supernatural help, and I don’t mean the Blessed Trinity. This guy has done all he could to water down, sow confusion, and attack everyone and everything he considers Catholic, traditional or orthodox since becoming the Bishop of Rome, (and before as a bishop in Buenos Aires). There is no doubt that Jorge is a moron when it comes to Catholic dogma and theology, but there is something more in my humble opinion at work here than just Jorge’s stupidity and immorality. Something a lot more serious and scary.

    • I think that Jorge was a practicing homosexual in his younger days. That explains his liberal “let there be no standards or rules” zeal. Who else would so inappropriately inject “copraphagia” into an interview the way that he did?

      It also turns out that most of the tango dancing in Argentina was man-to-man. That was because of the shortage of women there, but it also attracted the homos.

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