Michael Matt: Pope Tacitly Approves Godless Rot


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Imagine That! Blending Pop Culture with Pope Culture

Written by Michael Matt | Editor

Argentine actress and singer Martina Stoessel, who portrays Disney Channel’s “Violetta”, sits in the Paul VI Audience Hall to meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican, Monday, Sept. 1, 2014 a few hours before the inter-religious soccer match for peace.

The soccer match, called by Pope Francis to promote dialogue and peace among different religions, took place at Rome’s Olympic stadium later that day.

Here Pope Francis poses with his soccer ball, his potted tree and the players in the Paul VI Audience Hall before the match.

And below is the pre kick-off performance, complete with the Argentine singer’s rendition of the Marxist anthem, “Imagine”, written by John Lennon and featuring the famous lyrics: “Imagine there’s no heaven/It’s easy if you try. No hell below us/Above us only sky. Imagine there’s no countries/It isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for/And no religion too.”

Please, Holy Father, our children have been scandalized enough by their priests and shepherds without the Pope himself endorsing the dangerous political message of the hippy rockers of yesterday and, at the same time, blessing such gratuitous exploitation of little girls dressed like prostitutes, dancing like strippers, and leading children further into the highly sexualized and degenerate world of pop culture:

Catholic parents all across the world, Holiness, are working day and night to keep our children out of the clutches of the perverse abusers of children and destroyers of innocence in the pop music industry. This is not helping.

For God’s sake and the sake of our children, please stop using the Chair of St. Peter to offer tacit approval to this Godless rot which is so offensive to Our Lady and so injurious to purity, holiness and the pursuit of sanctity.

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One comment on “Michael Matt: Pope Tacitly Approves Godless Rot

  1. Reminds me of pervo Michael Jackson at the SuperBowl, first doing one crotch-grabbing number and then for the next song he surrounded himself with children. America saw nothing wrong with that. Madonna wrote children’s books. The Kardashian skank has a line of children’s clothing.

    So showbiz is now one with the Vatican… except that Frankie isn’t mingling with the worst freaks of all, those from Hollywood itself. I suppose that’s a welcome benefit of anti-Americanism.

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