Santuario del Divino Amore, untraceable Rector.

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And ‘ the famous yellow Roman sanctuary of divine love. According to reports by Ansa, its Rector and parish priest, Don Fernando Altieri, who is also President of the Oblates sons della Madonna del Divino Amore, has not returned from summer holidays and days did not have news of himself to the community of about 25 priests including now exudes an atmosphere of strong discomfort and uneasiness. Indirectly, don Fernando would know not to be willing to return. The anomaly of the affair is confirmed even more these days being the parish feast of divine love, but in the absence of his pastor. The situation is so serious that to evaluate what to do over the past few days it has also convened the Council of the Oblates, including don Altieri is superior. Without excluding the possibility of additions to a Commissioner of societies of apostolic life, remained without a guide, while the story is affecting even the Vicariate. Just don Fernando on May 18 would welcome Pope Francis to the shrine-parish was expected for one of his Sunday visits. When missing a few days at the event, on 15 may, the Vatican had announced that the Pope cancelled the visit and postponed to a later date presumably after the summer, to lighten commitments in view of the preparation of the trip to the Holy land on May 24-26. Even then, but now tell from the parish, they breathed a climate of tension between the Rector and the brethren, insomuch that the diocese would have advised against the Pope’s visit. According to some internal conflicts are due to a difference of views on the management of the Sanctuary while the same Rector would have confided several times to some parishioners, neighbors to him not feeling up to the task. The divine Love though, there are also those who whispers that the reason for the disappearance of don Fernando ought to a priest’s crisis of conscience, caused, perhaps, by a love affair. In all these questions at the moment that seems certain is that Bergoglio’s visit to the shrine-Parish has now waned.

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