Pope Benedict XVI Receives Trad Movement Founder!

ZENIT reports unexpected visit with Pope Benedict XVI.


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6 comments on “Pope Benedict XVI Receives Trad Movement Founder!

  1. “Benedict XVI” received them. Pope who?

    Is Zenit still run by the Maciel cult?

  2. Now, that I did not realize, Cyprian. The Maciel thing, that is.

    Anyway, among certain theologians and canonists (not many, btw) of a decidedly trad bent, there is still a running discussion of the absolute canonical sufficiency of Benedict’s abdication to permit the full absorption of what would amount to “un-renounced” powers of the See by Bergoglio.

    It may be the stuff of canonical daydreams for all I know but it simply “felt” good to put another name after the title, other than you-know-who, in the subject line.

  3. For a moment, there, I thought he was channeling Gommar DePauw!

    It seems to me that if we can refer to Pope Pius VII, who is certainly no longer Pope, there is nothing wrong with referring to Pope Benedict XVI, who is also certainly no longer Pope.

    In XTO,

    • Well, yeah, but what did Pope Pius VII have for dinner on Sept. 1, 2014?

    • What gets me is this. With a president, senator, or governor, it’s proper to use the title after the person is out of office, e.g., Governor Palin. If we call Bp. Joe “Pope Benedict,” aren’t we acquiescing to the standards applied to merely human dignitaries, temporary office holders? Doesn’t this tend to diminish the Petrine Office? I don’t know. But I get the willies whenever I hear him called pope, or worse, pope emeritus.

  4. Hang in there. If the few theologians and canonists who argue B16 never fully relinquished the papacy turn out to be right (which I doubt, while a part of me wishes that they are) we’ll all be scrambling for what next to call him.

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