Martyrology-September 2nd
Roman Martyrology-September 2nd- on this date in various years-

St. Stephen, king of Hungary and confessor, who fell asleep in the Lord on the 15th of August.

At Rome, the holy martyr Maxima, who confessed Christ with St. Ansanus in the persecution of Diocletian, and yielded up her soul while being beaten with rods.

At Pamiers in France, St. Antoninus, martyr, whose relics are kept with great veneration in the church of Palencia, in Spain.

Also, the holy martyrs, Diomedes, Julian, Philip, Eutychian, Hesychius, Leonides, Philadelphus, Menalippus, and Pantagapas. Their martyrdoms were completed, some by fire, some water, others by the sword or by the cross.

At Nicomedia, the holy martyrs Zeno, and his sons Concordius and Theodore.

At Lyons in France, St. Elpidius, bishop and confessor.

In Piceno, another St. Elpidius, an abbot. A town bearing his name glories in the possession of his holy body.

On Mount Soracte, Abbot St. Nonnosus, who by his prayers moved a rock of huge proportions, and was renowned for other miracles.

On the same day, the commemoration of the holy martyrs Evodius and Hermogenes, brothres, and Callista, their sister. Mention is made of them that they died on the 25th of April in the city of Syracuse in Italy.

At Lyons in France, the translation of St. Justus, bishop and confessor, and Viator, his servant, whose birthdays occur on the 14th of October and the 21st of October.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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