Bp. Athanasius Schneider on Traditionalists: The Church’s Hope

A stunning assessment which ought to truly encourage every Traditionalist.


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6 comments on “Bp. Athanasius Schneider on Traditionalists: The Church’s Hope

  1. Bishop Schneider’s remarks are magnificent! (Oh how I wish he was the Pope!)
    All the Church needs are more bishops like him and the tide can be turned.

    He is optimistic, because he knows that in the end Christ is in charge of His Church.

    Bishop Schneider makes a very telling comment when he says that the Pope is only the Vicar of Christ. Christ Himself is the Head of the Church.
    It seems to me that in this remark he may be reminding us not to despair at the apparent weakness of leadership by the current Pope. This may be something that those who hang on every word and action of the Pope may need to remember.

    We can all take heart from these words of Bishop Schneider:
    “I am not worried about the future. The Church is Christ’s Church and He is the real head of the Church, the Pope is only the vicar of Christ. The soul of the Church is the Holy Spirit and He is powerful.”

  2. Seems like he has the name “Athanasius” for a good reason, perhaps even a prophetic one. I, too, wish he had been elected to the Chair of Peter and hope that one day Our Lord may see fit to make it happen still.

  3. I hate to be a party pooper … well, except when I like being one. But from the original source:

    Pope Francis is perceived to be at the forefront of a new liberal attitude coming from Rome. But Bishop Schneider says: “Thanks be to God, Pope Francis has not expressed himself in these ways that the mass media expect from him. He has spoken until now, in his official homilies, very beautiful Catholic doctrine. I hope he will continue to teach in a very clear manner the Catholic doctrine.”

    Yikes! That’s not true, as we’re well aware. Why did the bishop say that when he didn’t have to? Yes, the rest of the bishop’s talk is good, but don’t let your guard down.

    • “He has spoken until now, in his official homilies, very beautiful Catholic doctrine.”

      The important word here is “official”. By deliberately restricting his appreciation of the Pope’s teaching to what has been uttered “officially”, the implication is that the great majority of the manure which gushes forth from the Holy Father’s lips is somewhat more problematic.

  4. Methinks the good bishop is being polite.

    Every other comment from Bishop Schneider in the article is spot on, so I would not let one comment damn him.

    To be technically correct, while the Pope has said quite a few really disturbing things, capable of misinterpretation, he has not said anything directly formally heretical in his official addresses. So I suspect Bishop Schneider is trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Because if you look at what Bishop Schneider says, he is clearly telling us NOT to depend on the current Pope, or indeed any Pope, for total leadership and clear teaching; but rather to take our leadership from Christ.

  5. One homily (is it “official?”): angelqueen.org/2014/02/28/a-trial-balloon/

    Beautiful Catholic doctrine? The bishop should check before making evasive statements like that. And he shouldn’t make evasive statements.

    Whoops. I’m judging. Official Francis homily no. 213.5 said no judging.

    Let’s not start a Bp. Schneider fan club just yet. I’m reminded of the Pope Benedict fan club that blossomed after he “freed” the old Mass. Is it possible to be made bishop these days if one actually holds the traditional doctrines exactly as the popes and fathers of the past, and dares to defend them in the face of higher-ups?

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