AP: Another B16 Vatican Appointee Removed by Jorge


Pope removes key Benedict XVI protege in sign of different liturgical priorities

Published August 28, 2014
·Associated Press

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has removed a key protege of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI from the Vatican’s liturgy office and sent him back to his native Spain.

In 2008, Benedict appointed Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera as prefect of the Congregation for the Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments. The office is in charge of regulating how Masses and other sacraments are celebrated, and under Benedict’s papacy took on a more conservative and traditional bent.

Francis, who favors a less traditional style and has chafed at some Vatican liturgical rules, on Thursday named Canizares Llovera archbishop of Valencia, Spain.

No replacement was named.

Last year, Francis removed another archconservative Benedict appointee who had been responsible for the world’s priests.

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10 comments on “AP: Another B16 Vatican Appointee Removed by Jorge

  1. A traditionalist just contacted me to remind me that Cd. Lloverda was not considered to be all that conservative back at the time Pope Benedict named him to office.

    How rapidly the political spectral shift has accelerated since 3/13/13, eh?

  2. OK, Jorge, I’m going to take the gloves off and tell it like it is. In II Thessalonians St. Paul Apostle to the Gentiles (that’s us) said: Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. By your actions against doing precisely what St. Paul commanded us, and repeated by St. Pius V in the papal bull, Quo Primum in 1570, you have shown yourself to be an enemy of Tradition. By what influence are you inclined to disobey St. Paul and the previous magisterium of the Church? I’m frankly tired of your BS and wish you would resign. You are an abomination and not deserving of the office to which you have been elected. You may be able to fool others with your attempts to portray yourself as a humble servant of God, but you don’t fool me. I admit to being a grievous sinner but what do you admit to? Will, for example, you admit to being a wolf in sheep’s clothing? No, I didn’t think you would, but that’s exactly what you are. In my opinion, of course.

  3. I want to live with the smell of the sheep.

    Baaaa. There’s plenty of methane wafting through the Vatican, eminence.

  4. No, I don’t buy this bit about His Eminence asking for retirement, even if it is true, because the situation in the Congregation calls for adherence to Tradition and that is an overriding issue. Again, in my opinion. Yes, it might be nice to return to one’s home and avoid the turmoil happening in Rome but what about those valiant and dedicated souls wanting only Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief? Oh, I see, they don’t “smell right.” Preposterous!

  5. I agree Phaley. Jorge is cleansing anything and anyone he deems traditional, Catholic, or who doesn’t adhere to the revolution of the 1960’s. It reminds me of football coaches who would be fired by the owner yet to save face were given the option of saying publicly that they are “retiring”. This guy (Jorge) is pure evil IMO!

  6. While I am not a fan of the current Pope, I think we have to be careful not to ascribe things to him for which we have no proof.
    What I mean is that we have the words of Cardinal Llovera himself asking to return to his homeland. We can’t blame the Pope for that much as we might regret its consequences.

  7. Say what you want, but the fact is the pope did not have to accept the Cardinal’s request . He could have said: No, now is not the time for a change. However, we all know that Jorge is not a fan of Tradition and he would welcome the departure of someone who is.

  8. Where does the Cardinal stand with respect to Tradition in the Liturgy? The following is taken from a Wikipedia Link on him:

    “In 2013 it was reported that the Congregation is preparing a booklet to help priests celebrate the Mass properly and the faithful to participate better. Cardinal Canizares Llovera confirmed this at an address at the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See on “Catholic Liturgy since Vatican II: Continuity and Evolution.” “We are preparing it; it will help to celebrate well and to participate well. During his talk the cardinal reiterated the importance Vatican II gave to the liturgy, “whose renewal must be understood in continuity with the Tradition of the Church and not as a break or discontinuity.” A break either because of innovations that do not respect continuity or because of an immobility that freezes everything at Pius XII, he said.”

    Admittedly, the above quote does not go far enough with respect to Tradition but at the very least it differs from what we know of Jorge’s position. We’ll just have to wait and see, I think, about what happens to the Congregation following his departure.

  9. More on the Cardinal’s attitude with respect to Tradition in the Liturgy taken from the same Wikipedia LinK:
    “In response to an interview in December 2008 Cardinal Cañizares Llovera stated regarding the best way to receive the Eucharist: “What does it mean to receive communion in the mouth? What does it mean to kneel before the Most Holy Sacrament? What does it mean to kneel during the consecration at Mass? It means adoration, it means recognizing the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist; it means respect and an attitude of faith of a man who prostrates before God because he knows that everything comes from Him, and we feel speechless, dumbfounded, before the wondrousness, his goodness, and his mercy. That is why it is not the same to place the hand, and to receive communion in any fashion, than doing it in a respectful way; it is not the same to receive communion kneeling or standing up, because all these signs indicate a profound meaning.”

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