Martyrology-August 29th
Roman Martyrology-August 29th- on this date in various years-

The beheading of St. John Baptist, who was put to death by Herod about the feast of Easter. However, his solemn commemoration takes place today, when his venerable head was found for the second time. It was afterwards solemnly carried to Rome, where it is kept in the church of St. Sylvester, near the Campus Martius, and honoured by the people with the greatest devotion.

At Rome, on Mount Aventine, the birthday of St. Sabina, martyr. Under Emperor Hadrian, she was struck with the sword, and thus obtained the palm of martyrdom.

At Valiniano in Apulia, the passion of Saints Vitalis, Sator, and Repositus. They were the sons of Saints Boniface and Thecla, and were condemned to death by the judge Valerian in the reign of Emperor Maximian. Their feast along with that of the other Twelve Holy Brethren is observed on the first of September.

At Rome, St. Candida, virgin and martyr, whose body was transferred to the Church of St. Praxedes by Pope Paschal I.

At Constantinople, the holy martyrs Hypatius, an Asiatic bishop, and Andrew, a priest, who for the veneration of holy images, under Leo the Isaurian had their beards besmirched with pitch and set on fire, the skin of the heads torn off, and were beheaded.

At Antioch, the birthday of the holy martyrs Nicaeas and Paul.

At Metz in France, St. Adelphus, bishop and confessor.

At Paris, the death of St. Merry, priest.

At Perugia, St. Euthymius, a Roman, who fled from the persecution of Diocletian with this wife and his son Crescentius, and there rested in the Lord.

In England, St. Sebbe, king.

At Smyrna, the birthday of St. Basilla, virgin.

In the vicinity of Troyes, St. Sabina, a virgin, celebrated for virtues and miracles.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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