The Vermont Bacon Fiasco!!!

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8 comments on “The Vermont Bacon Fiasco!!!

  1. Vermont is the California (or Chicago) of New England.

    In the good old days, the state government used to pay a tiny stipend to elected officials to meet up – at their own expense for food and lodging! – to decide, as quickly as possible (like within two weeks), if they even needed to do anything and then, just as quickly, get back in their cars and GO HOME!

    And, Vermont gave the world its ONLY really first-rate president, Silent Cal.

    Naturally, that couldn’t be permitted to just go on so by 1985, a jewish feminazi became governor and hosts of illegal immigrant Taxachussetites, New Yawk-uhs and, I’m pretty sure, Muscovites invaded and the place ain’t ne’er been the same ever since.

    When a man like Bernie Sanders is made a Washington lifer (71% of the vote in his Senate bid), you know somebody wasn’t paying enough attention to J. Edgar Hoover and Senator McCarthy.

    See the trees in mid-October and then run for your life! (But stock up on maple syrup before you get to the state line. Michelle Obama and Bloomberg may want to force the Montpelier Politburo to make it illegal any day, now. Too much fructose content, y’know.)

  2. I’m offended that they took the sign down.

  3. I find it disgraceful that anybody is surrendering to a religion that is worldwide massacring Christians, crucifying them, beheading captives, burning down churches etc.

    How dare any town council or anyone else take the slightest notice of what these thugs say.

  4. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys must be turning over in their graves because of what’s happened to Vermont. My alma mater, St. Michael’s College, gave everyone a preview of what would happen when they disenfranchised the Edmundites and made the college co-ed in the 70s. Vermont will never be the same.

  5. et cum spirit 220,

    Those restaurant owners have more guts than any of our politicians.

    I might also add that you will notice how the comedians and movies today will make blasphemous fun of Catholics but will never dare crack an anti Muslim joke.

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