And now, heeeeeeere’s Jo…. (oops!)… Jorge!

Attention passengers: In preparation for takeoff, please secure all tray tables in the upright and locked position. Our in-flight entertainment this afternoon will be Francis the Talking Pope.

On the return flight back to Rome from Korea, Pope Francis held another casual press conference wherein he fielded questions from reporters. The Italian text is available on the website of the Holy See; an English translation is provided by Andrea Tornielli at La Stampa.

First, let’s start with the surreal….

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2 comments on “And now, heeeeeeere’s Jo…. (oops!)… Jorge!

  1. Applause, applause. “Waaaa-hooooooo!” Applause, applause.

    “Hiiiii – ooooooh!”

    “Thank you, thank you!”

    (Hands up, palms out, to settle the audience down…tugs at his tie)

    “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks, Ed. Folks, I wanna tell ya. I just flew in from South Korea and, boy, are my arms tired…”

    (rimshot) Applause, laughter. More applause.

    “But seriously, folks. I was talking with my lawyer, Bombastic Bushkin, just before I came out, and we decided we’re going to pass the hat in the audience tonight. Ed, did you ever get a good look at the hair style on that leader the North Koreans have over there?”

    “Not really. Most of my targets were well east of Pyongyang back then.”

    (Getting serious for a moment) “That’s RIGHT! Ed flew for the Marines in the Korean War, folks, as many of you know…. and they never had to refuel his fighter, either! He’d somehow find the carrier, land backwards, belch, and then take right off, again!”

    (Camera pans to Ed McMahon, convulsed with laughter)

    “But seriously, folks. Bombastic and I decided that if there’s one thing that might help ease tensions north of the 38th parallel, it’s a decent barber college. So, be generous. Support world peace and be sure to donate! Now, who do we have on the show, tonight, Ed….?”

  2. AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Enough already with the Papal high altitude chats with reporters.

    This airplane Papal pronouncement thing is ridiculous. For me it really cheapens the solemnity of the Papal office. This is no way to deliver Catholic truth to a waiting world.

    What next?
    In Rome Tonight – with His Holiness sitting behind a desk (or is that too formal?), delivering some one liners, then following up with casual interviews with important people like the Kardashians and Justin Beiber.

    This casual, humility thing has got so ridiculous, that I honestly think that even a secular, Catholic hating world might be starting to see through it.

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