How exactly is this consecration supposed to be accomplished?
 True to Her word at Fatima, Our Lady appeared to Sister Lucy at Tuy, Spain, on June 13, 1929, to say that: “The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means.” The phrase “by this means” is crucial, because it signifies that the consecration is not merely a symbol of the coming conversion of Russia, but the very means by which it will be accomplished. Thus, without the act of consecration there will be no conversion of Russia, and without the conversion of Russia, Russia’s errors will continue to infest the world, producing the persecution of the Church, the martyrdom of the good, the suffering of the Holy Father and ultimately the annihilation of nations forewarned at Fatima.

Didn’t the Pope succeed in performing the consecration of Russia in 1984? 
 No. As Sister Lucy herself declared in a September 1985 interview, the attempted consecration of March 25, 1984, did not satisfy Our Lady’s requests because “there was no participation of the bishops and there was no mention of Russia.” In consecrating the world in general on that date without mentioning Russia, the Holy Father himself acknowledged in the presence of tens of thousands of witnesses, both during and after the ceremony, that the people of Russia were still “awaiting our consecration and confiding.” The next day these statements were reported in the Pope’s own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, and the Italian Bishops’ publication, Avvenire.
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Now, we know that the Pope has for whatever reasons refused to perform the Consecration in the manner prescribed by the Holy Virgin and with the participation of all the bishops. So, why don’t the bishops themselves on this August 22nd perform the Consecration in behalf of the Holy Father using these words: I, Bishop of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, do on this day, August 22nd, in the year of Our Lord 2014, and in this place (Cathedral) consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary? What’s the problem? Do they not have the power to do this in their own cathedrals and dioceses? Or, is their intransigence the real difficulty?

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  1. Remember Our Lady said it would be done but it will be late, how late did she mean 54 years since 1960,is that late enough? We can already tell its late by the utter destruction of the Church since 1960. Amzing a simple act like this and their pride is soo out of control they can’t perform it or are they worried what will happen to them when it’s done. They already know by the miracle predicted by Sister Lucia in October 1917 that her words of what our Lady told her are true? The drama continues……………………………………………..

  2. This goes back to the council itself which John Vennari once explained was the “Anti-Fatima Council.” They almost needed the riot squad to break up the internal battles over whether the Church was even going to say ANYTHING nice about the Blessed Virgin Mary in their “official documents.”

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