STOP THE SYNOD! Are Francis & His Amigos “Tempting God”?

[Chris Ferrara holds back nothing in this lengthy article. This is the tone that needs to be used to combat what is shaping up to become a monumental catastrophe.]

First they came for the Roman Rite, which they destroyed. Then they came for the Church Militant, which they disarmed and surrendered to the spirit of the age. Now, at the Synod, which threatens to become Vatican II rebooted, progressivist bishops and their apparatchiks will be coming for the moral law itself under the guise of a search for “pastoral solutions” to “challenges facing the family”

The Return of Vatican II Fever

The symptoms are unmistakable: after a period of relative remission during the years of Pope Benedict’s mysteriously self-terminated reign, the postconciliar “process of decay” remarked by the former Cardinal Ratzinger has resumed with a vengeance, like a rebound infection after an incomplete course of antibiotics. The progressivist priests and prelates who are the disease-causing agents of Vatican II Fever are now running amok throughout the ecclesiastical bloodstream. They have been let loose by a Pope who is so fond of publicly staged “surprises,” all tending to the diminution of traditional Roman Catholicism, that Respice in Me (look at me) could serve as the motto of this pontificate….

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8 comments on “STOP THE SYNOD! Are Francis & His Amigos “Tempting God”?

  1. Good selection, professor.

    Hope we have more luck than WFB ever did putting that into practice.

  2. To him to whom it is given to taketh the shekel, it is also given to applieth the heat, lest it be likewise applied unto him.

    Btw, his sister, who ended up marrying L. Brent Bozell, Jr., was a CIA spook, too. It ran in the family

    WFB was ratting out his leftist Yale pals to the FBI during his undergrad years, as well. (Not that I necessarily disapprove of that, on principle, of course. I knew at least two future ADA “Student of the Month” types at my own Jebbie School. But, as we all know now, Yale has done as much grievous harm as Hah-vuhd to this country, with jerks who went on to high office from both parties.)

  3. I can’t think of another time in Church history (except for Vatican II of course) where the sole purpose of a Council, or in this case a synod which looks and smells like a de-facto Council, is literally trying to rescind de-fide dogmas of the Church given by Our Lord Himself to promote sin under the guise of “love, tolerance and charity”, which is modernist lingo for dumping the dogmas of Holy Mother Church for a more worldly and a “democratic” Church. I know I’ve said this countless times here on AQ, and I apologize for sounding like a broken record, but I can’t, in my finite mind, believe that the one true Church/faith in fifty years could get so far of track without supernatural assistance, and I’m not talking about the Holy Trinity. The election to the Papacy of someone like Jorge Bergoglio clinched it for me. Just my opinion. All we can do IMO is flood Heaven with Rosaries and prayers.

  4. St. Francis, you’ve just explained why we do what we do here.

    Keep on truckin’, guy.

    It’s all we can do.

  5. I will my friend, as we all in the AQ family will. Who knows, maybe Our Lord will let us all live long enough to see the modernists given the boot and the trads regain power in Rome, in the colleges, in the seminaries and in the Episcopacy. Then we can sit back with a nice glass of our favorite adult beverage and reminisce about these bad old days, yet if that isn’t meant to be, then we can get through this difficult time together knowing that someday, whether we live to see it or not, the final victory will be won.

  6. All we can do under the rules is drive ’em bonkers and stave off as many losses as possible.

    But it’d sure be a whole lot easier (and lots more fun!) if we could just load up, mount up and ride to the sound of the guns, wouldn’t it?

    : – )

  7. It has been tried many, many times throughout human history … and has never worked.
    You shall not tempt the Lord your God.

    This horrible concoction of liberalized theology and morality that is being pushed on us by numerous modern clerics is going to finally blow up in their faces.

    God is not mocked, as a man sows so shall he reap.

    Judgement is coming.

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