Urgent: What’s happening in Gaza Deserves a “J’ Accuse…”

by Father Terzio
July 30, 2014

Taken from: exorbe.blogspot.mx/2014/07/urgentemente-lo-de-gaza-merece-un.html

Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

I am no Zolá, nor do I resemble him, but the case in Gaza deserves a neo-Zolá, greater in breadth, much more potent, with a more intense and extensive voice, capable of shocking and moving, of wakening the benumbed consciences.

Of the victims in Gaza, I am especially touched by the elderly. It is painful to imagine men and women who have lived their entire life jam-packed in the Gaza ghetto; people who were young in ’47 when the Israeli usurpation took place, and have become old within the Gaza concentration camp, frustrated, disillusioned with each blow they receive of the fatiguing reality of being imprisoned in their own land, surrounded by borders of death with their homeland, to which they cannot go, where they cannot live nor die because their soil has been invaded, and justice and rights have been purloined from them.

At this stage, Gaza is a stronghold of wretched bomb victims; rabid wretched because they conserve, albeit crushed, the dignity of rebellion. That’s what they have been left with. And they suffer because they refuse to renounce living. Happiness for obdurate Israel would be the disappearance of the Gaza wretched; they have even dared declare it so.

Over these decades, Israel has created an immoral shield for itself, which no sentiments other than those of Israel only can penetrate. Ruthless with the Palestinians, they melt into dramatic scenes of self compassion when it is an Israeli the one who suffers. The State of Israel has become an organism ill with hyper-sensibility to itself but a cold, lethal harshness against the enemies which Israel itself has begotten.

To blame for this tragic situation are the unjustifiable State of Israel and the deeply implicated USA, the country of democratic propaganda and war crimes all into one; England, for its references and introductory acts, but also Europe, a mute spectator, is to blame for omission.

The Pope of “hagan lío” would have made a great ruckus by denouncing the incessant crime of Israel against Gaza; but Pope Franciscus has a strange fondness for Zion and its rabbis, affection which prevents him from getting involved in this clamorous bungle which strangles day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, a people whose homeland has been invaded by its executioners.

Who will he be, who will dare, who will clamour the urgent and just “J’Accuse..!?

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2 comments on “Urgent: What’s happening in Gaza Deserves a “J’ Accuse…”

  1. Maybe if the non-jews were treated better there would be no need for terrorists. The Jews tolerate no view but theirs. Israel is a Zionists State.

  2. Germany is now sending their soldiers to israel to be trained in tunnel combat ,looks like germany has learnt nothing from the past,sending soldiers to be trained by those currently involved in committing war crimes against a civilian population ,trapped in an open prison..Those tunnels were important in smuggling food and medicine into gaza ,not just weapons.when the Jews built tunnels in the Warsaw Ghetto ,it was viewed as justified resistance,when palestinians build them its terrorism. www.tagesschau.de/ausland/bundeswehr-israel-101.html

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