In 2000, Cardinal Ratzinger admitted Russia has not been consecrated

Despite all the claims to the contrary, Russia has not been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested at Fatima. Cardinal Ratzinger himself admitted this at the press conference in the year 2000 at the Vatican when the “Third Secret” was “revealed.”

Here’s the video in which Chris Ferrara reads Cardinal Ratzinger’s own words regarding the consecration, from the transcript of that news conference, beginning at 48:50 but especially right at 50:00 minutes into the video:

Regarding a question about Fr. Gruner, Cardinal Ratzinger answers the reporter:

“I think that he should conform himself to the magisterium of the Church, recognizing that the Consecration of Russia is done according to the will of the Madonna, and that he should leave it to the Magisterium of the Church to find the right moment.”

He was saying in the year 2000 that the Magisterium had not yet found the right moment, that the Consecration of Russia has not yet been done.

Cardinal Ratzinger goes on (in the transcript):

“He could make this proposal [i.e., the Consecration of Russia] but he should also be capable of being sufficiently generous to accept that the Magisterium has her reasons to not do it immediately, but to wait a little, and above all for the maturation of the process [of canonization] of the three shepherds.”​

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2 comments on “In 2000, Cardinal Ratzinger admitted Russia has not been consecrated

  1. God works in mysterious ways.

    Some months back a theory was noised about that Pope Benedict had not, through some legal loophole, managed to “completely resign.” That one lasted, at most, a week. But….

    So, theoretically, if the balloon goes up and planet is about to be struck by a Bruce Willis – style meteoroid while Jorge is shipwrecked on the Isle of Lumpadumpa, Papa Ratzinger might be able to gather up some local Roman bishops, email ordinaries around the world to put the pedal to the medal and hightail it into their cathedrals and get ‘er done on a giant teleconference, using his “emergency reserve” papal powers, right?

    Just askin’ …

  2. No the Consecration of Russia has not been done and the entire 3rd Secret of Fatima has not been revealed, my only conclusion that Rome has played games with this now for 54 years, is that the 3rd part is pinpoint accurate and they feel something will happen if they consecrate Russia otherwise they would have been done with this years ago.

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