The question may arise in the minds of many faithful Catholics as to how the Church has gotten to the point where heretics and even atheists are welcomed as “brothers” by the person sitting in the Chair of Peter. Well, it’s a long story but, in my view, it all starts with the fact that pride which infected the Angel Lucifer has infected the Church both in the individual sense (I AM CHURCH phenomenon) and in the collective sense, the hierarchy and, especially, the college of cardinals who are empowered to elect the person sitting in the papacy.

However, the people sitting in the pews also have a burden of responsibility in this regard. They have listened to the hierarchy tell them that the old rules in liturgy and practice, mainly the Mass, have been made more suitable to the needs of the “modern man.” The faithful, instead of rising up in indignation, have basically fell into the trap of believing that worship of God is whatever one thinks it to be at the moment, especially if it allows them to be center-stage, as it were, in the sanctuary. Never mind the papal bull “Quo primum” by St. Pius V in 1570 or the 2000 yr old traditions of the Church, the “actors” performing daily in this regard are testimony to what pride can do to these traditions.

What’s the answer? Our Blessed Mother gave us the answer and it is the Rosary and pleas for Her intercession with Her Divine Son to end the reign of Lucifer and rescue the Faithful from his wicked designs. It is also the need to inform the hierarchy that we will no longer accept the changes in liturgy and practice that were imposed following the “new springtime” of 1962 because these changes are inconsistent with the 2,000 yr old perennial magisterium of Holy Mother Church and our donations will reflect that fact. This is critical, again in my view, because as the saying goes: “money talks.” If we continue to feed their coffers as if nothing is wrong, then nothing will be right again.

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2 comments on “HOW WE GOT HERE

  1. In the early 1970s we expressed this sentiment as
    and literally put a penny into the Peter’s Pence collection.

    Too bad not enough folks caught on.

    In today’s world it might also help if we let our political representatives know that we don’t want tax dollars flowing to the Marxist “charities” of the Conciliar Church

    in XTO,

  2. There’s the answer, folks.

    Simple as that.

    Nice job, phaley!

    And a great reminder from M_Eulogius.

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