It’s so very hard these days not to be a bleepist. I mean, from Paul VI to the current occupant we have a group of men that show up so pitifully as Vicars of Christ and Shepherds of the Flock that we almost fall into the trap that Our Lord has forgotten us. But, we know this cannot be and eventually Our Lord will lower the boom and restore all things in Himself. That our spineless and weak-kneed cardinals would elect a man who changed the Holy Sacrifice and put into its place a “banal fabrication” and who canonized a Quran-kisser is enough to boggle the mind of any Catholic who remembered the Church before 1962 and the “new springtime.” So, we plod on secure in the knowledge that Our Lord will not be mocked and that He will punish the evil-doers in good time.

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  1. Since there are exactly five or fewer BLEEPS! with whom I’ve ever managed a civil chat, the rigor of their arguments notwithstanding, I’m glad to see our friend, phaley, has sidestepped that cow pie.

    Popes are part of the architecture. Without one, schismatic BLEEPS! are only distinct in kind from other garden-variety heretics. Which is a shame because many, including the vociferous, are knowledgeable and tenaciously orthodox on most other fronts.

    My guess is that BLEEPism is a phenomenon in which emotion trumps reason.

    Therefore, despite the just accusations it raises, case by case, it is a crime of passion and, I would hope, not one of malice.

    Fraternal correction of the upward variety, if made objectively and with prayer for the conversion of the erring pope, is never out of order. Perhaps those who have separated themselves from the Church in this matter by an excess of ardor will see that and decide to rejoin the rest of us plodders. I hope so.

    The doings of the con-silly-ar popes, wrapped in their rainbow-y robes and filled with gooey globs of ghastly bafflegab really are a case reserved for the REAL Supreme Court, upstairs.

    Meanwhile, we soldier on.

  2. I know five or six people who have turned down that road during the last 10 or 15 years. I don’t see it leading anyplace good.

    More tragic collateral damage of the con-sillier era. Especially sad to know the Popes have driven them to this and will no longer be prayed for by these well-intentioned people.

  3. Is there any limit to what a legitimate Pope might do? Is there any point beyond which a bone fide Pope could not go? What if he canonized himself? (pre-canonized?) Or his dog? Does a lunatic have the capacity be Pope? What if he were too crackers to contract a valid marriage? Every time it looks like Bergoglio is as nutty as he’ll ever be, he tops himself.

  4. The sede-vacantist position makes matters worse than they already are, even as it gives some “emotional” peace to those who can’t deal with the present craziness.

  5. Pope Fredo is the best recruiting poster boy the BLEEPS have ever had.

    May his reign be short.

  6. Josefa on said:

    I’m certainly not a BLEEP, but I am having trouble with the duality of the multi -papist position( like I’m not always real sure who is who)
    Bergoglio doesn’t even seem quite sure about it. Either way, I’ll probably never know in my lifetime, so I will reluctantly take the default position that Francis is Pope.
    Like I’ve heard somewhere before….May his reign be short.

  7. We poor layfolk lived through the likes of Alexander VI, John XII, Sergius II, and over a quarter of a Century of the Wadowice Wonder Weasel. We will certainly survive Pope Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

  8. Our Blessed Lord promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church so bleepism is not an option.

    Nor is it an option to argue that the real pope is some slightly moronic looking white cassocked man, sitting on his front porch in Nowhereseville USA, while his congregation, i.e. his mother, looks on in wonder.

    No, whether we like it or not, and I for one don’t, we are stuck with Pope Humble and can only cling fast to Our Lord’s promise that will prevent His Humbleness from formally pronouncing raving heresy.

    This IS a test of our faith.
    Perhaps it is also a good and timely reminder that we human beings, be we popes, bishops, priests, monks, nuns, or lay, are NOT the most important members of the Church – Christ is. He is the Head, He is the Body. We are honored and privileged to be able to be part of that body, and for that we should be literally, eternally grateful.

  9. Maybe, just maybe, the hierarchy will take notice of what we say in posts such as these and change their approach. That is the only reason why I post such things.

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