Whose cause is just? The answer IMO is neither. Both claim to worship the one true God but they continue the killing involving innocent civilians. Then, along comes the United States in the person of John Kerry riding in on his white horse and telling both sides, in essence, to “cool it.” Does anyone besides me see anything wrong with this scenario? God will not be mocked and He knows the true motives of those who continue in His name to shed the blood of the innocent in what has always been a political struggle. The same applies to all the two-bit dictators of all the countries of the world that choose war as the means to achieve their ends. In the meantime the Holy Mother of God waits patiently for the world to come to its senses and achieve real peace by following her instructions.

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12 comments on “ISRAEL OR HAMAS?

  1. Hamas is responsible for ALL noncombantant deaths, using their people as human shields for legitimate military targets.

  2. Set up a perimeter around the region, ignore it and let them do whatever they want to each other for five years. Whoever is left after that wins.

  3. Josefa on said:

    And Charles Krauthammer is an unbiased source? The zionists want peace? Lol
    I think the Palestinians( including Christians)may at levels be “uncivilized” , but at this point neither are Americans and Israelis for many different reasons; but the Bolshevik/ zionists are satanic.. Take your pick. What do you expect from people that are surrounded by a wall their entire lives ( concentration camp?) and have their water and electric shut off For months at a time and their homes bulldozed WHILE THEY ARE IN THEM! What’s so civilized about that ?And people are ” shocked” that there are tunnels.. sometimes that’s the only way out. I have no sympathy for the devil. Revelation 3:9.
    If you set up a perimeter aroubd the region Israel has it’s eyes on, it would extend from Libya to the west, Russia to the North, Iran to the east and who knows how deep into Africa…now that’s a big fence..

  4. Sorry, but I’m not going to drink the neo-connish Kool Aid.

    Yes, Hamas has done terrible things and is guilty of in bello violations. But Zionist Israel remains guilty at the ad bellum level, both for having started the entire conflict, as well as, it appears, this last conflagration episode.

  5. Bad guys and worse guys, and no good way to tell which is which.

  6. Maybe no good way. So I’ll settle for this: The Islamists want ME dead too. (“After Saturday comes Sunday”) That makes them worse far as i’m concerned.

  7. Josefa on said:

    the Zionists want you dead as well, if the US don’t step and fetch it. If they go down, so does everyone else. Research the “Sampson Option ”
    The US is guilty of de facto murder on both sides for “giving ” literally all military aid to Israel including fleshettes, DIME bombs and DU Bunker busters, and also supplying Hamas with aid. What the hell are we doing?

  8. This so called Israel State was set up after WWII giving people land that already belonged to someone else. This is a Zionist State. The Zionist are not the OT Jews. And these people think that only Jews belong there. Christians are treated like the blacks were in our country. A lot of Christians have left there because of how hard it is for them to find work. With all the barricades and check points it sometimes can take several hours for a non-Jew to even get to work.
    It seems all of this started when sentiment appeared to be going against the Jews. I would not put it past them to have killed those teens themselves. They have allegedly done this before, so they could have more sympathy from other countries.

  9. I’ll put my thoughts on this Zionist vs Hamas war by using a football analogy; This to me is like watching a New York Giants, Dallas Cowboy football game, I hope both teams inflict as much punishment on the other, and while I know it’s inevitable, one side will end up winning, yet if I had my way both teams would end up losing, not only on the scoreboard but on the injury front as well.

  10. (shaking head in relief that I’m not the only one who does this)

  11. Josefa on said:

    (Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse so much you lose….the truth?)

  12. The foregoing post by Fr. Lucie-Smith is probably the best I’ve seen so far from my standpoint. There’s simply is no excuse for using women and children as shields or pawns in a war like that going on in Gaza. As for the parties to the conflict, the Palestinians and Israelis both have rights to a place they can call their homeland – again, in my view.

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