Pirro: Why Isn’t the Pope Helping Christians in Middle East?

What are peoples thoughts on Judge Pirro’s opening statements:
Also this:

The Coptic Christian priest on #Justice told a horrific story: The Muslim Brotherhood not only destroyed a 4th century church, they vandalized a priests cemetery, got the bones of the priests from the coffins, crushed them, and set them on fire! This is the bag of bones.
I don’t know how to post a picture.

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5 comments on “Pirro: Why Isn’t the Pope Helping Christians in Middle East?

  1. Josefa on said:

    Because the aggressors are all working the same global agenda from the top- the Pope is on board with the overall endgame.( hint- not the agenda of the true Church) Sorry but I think it’s true.
    Our Lady of Fatima
    pray for us

  2. I still think that the 100 yrs. that the devil was to be loose started with Vat 2

  3. Obamonster, according to one report (and with a complicit Congress), just shipped another $ 50 million to Hamas.

    And, for the record, I’ve read that there is NO official Vatican record substantiating the claims made about events, alleged papal prophesies, etc. tied to the alleged “vision” seen by our very beloved and venerable Holy Father, Leo XIII.

    He DID compose the long-form prayer to St. Michael. He DID order its use after Low Masses.

    But there is nothing, anywhere, in official Church records by him or any of his contemporaries indicative of any “vision” or “prophecy” of any sort. That legend began some time later and, as we all know, has been made ubiquitous.

  4. Nothing about the Consecration of Russia which Our Lady of Fatima said would lead to peace, nothing about that but lots of talk about how leaders can get together and dialogue. When will they ever learn?

  5. A bunch of charismatic….kumbaya
    Why can’t we all just get along ?

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