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Hello, I’m not sure if I have this in the right place. Can anyone tell me if the Franciscan university in Steubenville, Ohio been taken over by charismatics? Is it still a good Catholic University? Thank you!

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  1. GPM — this one’s for you.

    All I know, Marisa, is that it was full chariswacko in the 90’s under Fr. Scanlon, i.e., get-touched-and-fall-on-the-floor-barking-like-a-dog wacko. Is he still around? It’s hard to purge such spiritual infections, so I’d be careful.

  2. If you want a “taste” of the ScoobeyDoobeyDo U experience, without requiring a visit to the ER and extensive, followup psychotherapy…

    1. Buy a good Summa translation, the Catechism of the Council of Trent, Iota Unum, some works by the other Doctors, and put them in a backpack.

    2. Then, of course, load up on Pabst Blue Ribbon ( a few cases to hold you for a week or so ), some of your favorite pizza and munchies. Put those in your VW van.

    3. Then… Drive to Ohio. Crank volume on CD player to 10 and play “Hearing Voices” (Anberlin, currently # 28 on the “Christian ‘Rock’ charts.) Bypass Steubenville by a very wide margin.

    4. Keep driving until you hit the Kentucky or Indiana border.

    5. Pull over at the first truck stop or State Park exit.

    6. Read for a few hours. Have a few brews and some chow.

    7. Take a 15 hour nap.

    8. Slap “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest” in the van’s VCR. (take good notes)

    9. Have some more brews and chow. Read some more. Et cetera.

    10. Take another nap.

    11. Turn around and go home, bypassing Ohio by a wide margin.

    That way, you can use what you’d have spent on tuition for beer money and pizza – always a prudent undergraduate decision – gas, and actually very good books.

    And that will do you more good than four years of being Hahn-ified, slain in the spirit and prayed over by metrosexual zealots every time you would otherwise have walked into the “Santo Subito Totally Awesome Cafeteria” for a kosher meal or their semi-tasty Halal-approved luncheon specials.

    To be fair, there ARE worse schools one could attend. But you wouldn’t be able to know that after spending more than a week there. It might turn you into an Evangelical and you would never have realized it was happening. And by that point, you’ll have lost so many IQ points your career opportunities will have evaporated, along with your personality!

    Best bet, from what I hear, is St. Thomas Aquinas in Ojai, CA. I spoke with the author of “Ungodly Rage,” Donna Steichen, years ago when one of her grandchildren was attending. She said she had visited and that she and her grandchild were deeply impressed, and delighted.

    At all costs and by all means, avoid charismaniacs.

    • Thanks, GPM. That pretty well covers the Hunter Thompson approach to visiting Steuby. I’d only add no. 12: Take plenty of holy water and spray some in the general direction of the place as you drive by. And I don’t mean novus-ordo holy water.

  3. It seems as if you need to find someone that’s actually going there, probably on social media. Here’s recent post from Rorate-caeli that shows all is not lost:
    You Report: Just a typical TLM … by a Capuchin

    From a friend of Rorate in the pew:

    A private Traditional Latin Mass was offered this weekend in the Chapel of Christ the King on the campus of Franciscan University of Steubenville during the fifth main summer youth conference.

    The Mass was offered by Fr. Joseph Tuscan, OFM Cap, from Charlestown, WV. The Schola Cantorum Sanctorum Angelorum chanted Missa de Angelis and a beautiful Arcadelt Ave Maria. There were 30 people present for the Mass and they heard a beautiful and edifying sermon on the life of St. Vincent de Paul.

    During the conference, approximately 1,700 young people attended, and over 1,000 Sacramental Confessions were heard. It was beautiful to have the Extraordinary Form available in addition.
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    Posted by Adfero. at 7/20/2014 09:40:00 PM

    There is a photo also:

    In JMJ-MJ
    whose daughter is enrolling in college in 2015

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