TLM in Tennessee?

I have a friend who will be in Knoxville, TN for nearly all of August, and she’s looking for TLMs in the area other than the diocesan one where she’s worried about the validity of NO priests. So are there any SSPX, FSSP, ICK TLMs nearby? Thanks for the help.


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  1. AT, I’ll just add a comment that while POSSIBLE that NO ordinations COULD BE (under particularly egregious circumstances) not kosher, the question is one that deserves much more than the usual “well, Fr. X of the __________ (insert initials of preferred traditionalist organization) said NO Orders were ‘invalid’…” variety, which constitutes most of the claims I’ve ever seen.

    The Church runs on form, matter and intention when it comes to sacraments.

    If those are present in the correct degree and kind, then the sacrament takes place.

    I’m afraid some Trads get a bit loopy and go too far with their paranoia. I’m not saying your friend is one of those, not at all. However, the rumors and scare-mongering have gone on for decades and people do run across it. Sometimes, it may even convince certain people.

    Anyway, it’s neither a light or easy question but I would suggest that unless a bishop or an ordinand announces publicly, verbally or in writing, that he is NOT going to seek to do what the Church has always intended in ordination and that he REFUSES to use or be subjected to the correct matter and form (words) that the Church has always used in conferring Orders, then it’s MORE THAN PROBABLE that the oridinand becomes an ACTUAL CATHOLIC PRIEST upon conferral of said sacramental act.

    He may be a leftist. He may be an heretic (wittingly or not). He may even be a Red Sox fan, in fact. But he’s a priest IN ANIMA ET PERSONA CHRISTI and can absolve and confect the Holy Sacrifice.

    Ex opere operato obtains, even to the present, utterly insane days in which we live.

  2. Thanks for the help.
    My friend is traveling there from halfway around the world so she wouldn’t know of any possible problems with priests there. The family aren’t traditional and she’ll be reliant on them for transportation as well. She’s also SSPX Third Order so she’s trying to figure out the best option for her under the circumstances.

  3. I’ve seen enough posts and essays over the years to be aware of the claims made.

    I do think I’ve (although most incompletely and clumsily) related what appears to be very traditional doctrinal and canonical teaching in the matter.

    It CAN be a complex issue but most times, it’s pretty straightforward.

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