Amdst media reports that the pope will visit the US in 2015, the question arises as to whether he should, in fact, do this. Absolutely not! Of course, that is my opinion and I’m sure there will be many who will disagree. But, allow me to state why I think this is a bad idea. First of all, Jorge has given no indication that he will come as the Vicar of Christ but only as the Bishop of Rome, clothed in the garb of a Modernist and speaking the modernist propaganda. Second, he is coming to a country founded by Freemasons with an innate hatred of Catholicism – out to establish a “new world order” and having nothing to do with restoring all things in Christ. Third, he has already spoken of his distaste for capitalism and he would be coming to the “Lion’s Den” in that regard. Fourth, he has given no indication that the suffering experienced by those who hold fast to Tradition in the Catholic Church, of which there are many in the US, will receive any comfort from him. Fifth, and this is perhaps the most important reason, he needs to “take care of business” and that means following the request of the Holy Mother of God at Fatima with respect to the Consecration of Russia.

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  1. Before Montini’s hasty call on the Holy Land to do damage control at the height of the Nostra Aetate crisis and sporting an Isaraelite High Priest’s ephod, the phenomenon of the papa naviganti was pretty much unknown. Aside from rare visits to CATHOLIC holy sites reachable by coach or on horseback, popes pretty much stayed home in Rome (Western Schism participants aside) and poped along, day to day.

    In fact, most pre-Gutenberg Catholics had little knowledge of the identity, let alone the PERSONALITY or political leanings, of the man in charge.

    That arrangement worked out nicely.

    An interesting study would be to graph the statistics on what happened AFTER each of the endless jet-setter jaunts – by Paulo Sesto, Santo Subito, Benedict (who seemed less prone to wanderlust) and now, this here feller – fouled up traffic, bankrupted the host diocese and, in general, provided little more than photo ops.

    How many conversions? How many vocations? How many reversions? Etc.

    Maybe there’s a lesson there.

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