Papal Visit to Philly in 2015?

Typical TIME tosh and bafflegab. Unconfirmed by Vatican.

Nevertheless, given the topic at issue – I’m betting it’s probable.

Just an early warning for our members….

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3 comments on “Papal Visit to Philly in 2015?

  1. If only AQ could provide intinerary planning services, I’m sure that Habemus Pampas would have a trip he’d never forget!

    Let me get this li’l drinking game started….

    1. Arrive in NYC. Deliver three cartons of Slim-Fast to Dolan; catch Yankees in a playoff game; grab a Hebrew National hot dog, then outta there….

    2. Hit Philly, quick group selfie with Flyers, brief speech at Constitution Hall on why the Constitution was a prophetic precursor of Vatican II, grab a cheese steak, then outta there…

    3. ….. (your turn, gang!)

  2. Philly would be perfect, especially if they welcome Pope Fredo as if he were Santa Claus…

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