What are we to say about the apparent cooperation of the Catholic Church and the Obama Administration with respect to the disaster at the southern border involving children? The Corporal Works of Mercy say that we should shelter the homeless, feed the hungry and clothe the naked. But it does not say that we should support an administration which has shown by its actions that it does not believe in or comply with the Ten Commandments and the Laws of God and His Church. So, if an immigrant arrives at our door and begs for shelter, we are obliged to help him but not at the behest of or according to the rules established by a group of liars out to advance their own political agenda. That is the difference IMO between true Charity and political expediency. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on this topic.

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  1. Josefa on said:

    True Charity towards these poor immigrants would have been to convert, assist and build up their countries of origin, in order to keep their extended families intact and promote subsidiarianism, along with land ownership, which would happen almost organically under.the correct conditions. Since the Church is Universal it should as it always has been, been a leader in this effort, along with any assistance offered by the generosity of other countries. Could you imagine what 3 billion dollars could do for the indigenous poor in Guatemala? ( that is the amount that Obama is requesting from Congress for this manufactured crisis- oops , certain it will be allotted by executive order, Congress is just a movie set, I forgot.)
    Of course , that would be ideal, but it isn’t the globalist agenda. The countries that these poor souls are from have been ripped apart and raped by globalism, socialism and Marxism( liberation theology?) and drug cartels..There are a few extremely wealthy and the rest of the population is in abject poverty. Did you know Mexico has more billionaires per capita than the US? Is the US expected to “fix$$$$” the problem when these countries resources have been usurped by their own ( and global) superclass? Where is the Church in these countries? Why is the ” only solution” according to the Obama govt and NO Catholic Church to encourage a mass invasion of poor, sick and often criminal peoples to further destabilize our teetering economy and fragile infrastructure? I Think the answer to this question is that these collaborating instigators, including the NO Church are Marxists and not Christians, and primarily have their own wants and desires motivating their actions, craftily cloaked in “human compassion” while they USE these people like pawns on a chessboard. The goal ( which is close to completion) is no more USA- hello North American Union. One giant third world continent.
    As far as dealing with charity on an individual basis, they are souls beloved by God, and we would have to prudently do what we are able for them, without risking the health and basic needs of our own families, which we have a primary obligation to care for.
    Unfortunately this entire situation places the “cart before the horse” and throws the act of charity into an intimidating politically driven mandate, which is the inverse of true Christian outreach and concern. The devil is truly a great angelic intelligence.
    The only answer is the consecration- Now

  2. Again, what are the laws on the books about human trafficking?

    And, under those laws, how can public officials (including clerics being paid to participate in such activities) be brought to trial?

  3. A right-minded pope would be making a formal address directed to the White House, Mexico and the involved central American countries calling for immediate cessation of this debacle and the arrest and trial of responsible officials, including churchmen being paid to participate.

    As stated, a right-minded pope would do so.

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