“America’s Largest Catholic Museum”

Don’t know quite what to make of this. Great that these objects are being preserved, even better that they are sometimes being used. Very sad and angry that they had to be saved from the Conciliarist Barbarians in the first place.

And did you see that zuchetto from Pope St. Pius X? Awesome relic!

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4 comments on ““America’s Largest Catholic Museum”

  1. Yes, it is sad.

    At least these items are being saved. Unlike the beautiful churches crumbling into rubble.

    The blood, sweat, toil, and tears that our ancestors put into the Church… The ongoing sacrifice.

    What it’s all come to is shameful.

  2. These people are insane to want Francis to visit. If he came he’d roll his eyes at best, and at worst would call the curators Pelagians and say that all that outdated tripe would be better sold and the funds given to the poor.

  3. I couldn’t see the video properly so I googled it and found this story.


    Hopefully some people will see it, but I’m not holding my breath now that LeBron James has decided to go back to Cleveland which will bury this story.

    Beautiful items and glad to hear they do send them to places that need items. The more the TLM returns the more need there’ll be as well as more interest, too.

  4. Josefa on said:


    Unfortunately these old Church items are for sale,( above) and not a museum., but at least they are preserved. I wish I could buy them alll up.

    There is a museum in upper Manhattan, called the Cloisters which is owned by the Cityn of NY and the Rockafeller foundation( what interest they would have escapes me) they have preserved Catholic artifacts and liturgical art from Europe in a monastery setting from the13th century. I even noticed pieces of bones in their reliquaries. it is so sad that the Church does not own or run this museum.

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