Is there a bishop or cleric out there that can help us? I’m talking about the institutional Roman Catholic Church now and not those pockets of traditionalism that exist on the fringes. Is there not someone who will disavow the avenues of modernism that have been opened by Vatican II – that purport to show that our traditional Catholic Faith and Morals have been changed, updated or made more relevant to the humanity of today? I mean there is plenty of evidence out there that the Faith, as it was practiced before Vatican II, is not the same Faith that is practiced today. Indeed, many of us are frankly sick of the abuses prevalent in the Church today – from abuses in the liturgy to abuses from the pulpit which seem to wink at homosexuality, divorce and other actions clearly defined as sins in the Church for centuries. Just look at the articles in the Catholic blogs of today which lend credence to the idea that “anything goes” except, of course, judging or discriminating between what is good and evil. Who will stand up and be counted, anyone? One would hope, of course, that it would be the Pope but, unfortunately, he has not seemed inclined to side with Tradition. Instead, the “wheels have come off” and the Church is careening perilously close to extinction which we know cannot be the case because of Our Lord’s promise. So, the question remains: Who will take up the challenge?

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  1. Josefa on said:

    Well, Phaley, I am no theologian or cleric, but I do know that our Lord and Lady have not left us without an avenue of rectification for the apostasy of our Church( and our world). I don’t think it will come from the hierarchy, as many of them have made their pact with modernism and freemasonry and tightly control the actions of the few good clerics that remain.
    We must listen and obey our Lady’s words in her apparition at Fatima! She promised to restore the Church, defeat satan and establish a period of peace if the consecration of Russia is done. This is an approved apparition and these are her words- (I am inclined to believe them.)
    I know that many think it too simplistic to be true, kind of like Naaman who refused to wash in the river to cure his leprosy- he wanted something more dramatic, I suppose.
    But the enemies of Fatima DO take this apparition very seriously- the enemies within the Church attempt to thwart it at every moment.
    Three Vatican Secretaries of State have suppressed the third secret, 4-5 Popes have consecrated everything including the kitchen sink instead of Russia, Pope John the xxlll refused to reveal the message in 1960 as our Lady requested, and the Vatican STILL “honors” the Vatican -Moscow agreement even though a political pact is not binding under Church law, ever.
    What to do?Obviously do what our Lady says (Rosary, five First Saturdays in reparation for insults and blasphemies against her Immaculate Heart) but also we must promote the Consecration of Russia!
    I think we should have a mass ” Consecration of Russia” day in front of every Bishop’s Dioscesan office or Cathedral with signs and statues and pray 15 decades of the Rosary- maybe on October 15. I am not good with social media but maybe this , or something like this should be organized( it should be worldwide, at the Vatican as well.)
    Just an idea- maybe we need to stick our heads up above the water line.

  2. Josefa on said:

    I meant Oct 13- oops

  3. Phaley, look into Abp. Sample of Portland. He’s decidedly pro-Traditional, at least as far as what he’s asking his priests to do.

    However, I only know that much about him.

    Arresting and incarcerating Modernism, per se, will have to come from Rome. Not that an individual heroic stance might not start the ball rolling.

  4. Josefa on said:

    Yes, of course, gpmtrad; it must come from Rome. The Pope must solemnly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary with all of the Bishops in the world for the Triumph to occur.
    It’s just that I think we have to do what we can where we are at.

  5. I did not intend for this post to in any way belittle the message of Our Lady of Fatima but only as a challenge to the Modernist hierarchy. That not one of them has taken up this challenge speaks volumes about their concern for Tradition and our spiritual welfare. As for Archbishop Sample, I appreciate his timid steps towards Tradition but so much more needs to be done.

  6. Josefa on said:

    I agree- yes, I am a broken record. I really believe that Jesus wants the Triumph of the Church and the World to manifest through His Mother’s Immaculate Heart for her honor.Unless a Prince of the Church take this message to his heart, I wouldn’t hold much hope in them. Sorry to inject this again.

  7. Is there a bishop or cleric out there that can help us? Every single bishop, including the one in Rome, CAN help us. Very few of them WILL help us. Abp. Sample, as mentioned above, seems to be one. Cdl. Burke helps, Bsp. Perry in Chicago does as well. No bishop that I know of outside of the SSPX is willing to lead the charge and begin to reverse the damage wrought by the Judas Council. There are some priests here and there who are fully orthodox, but even the best of the bishops still have both feet firmly planted in the NO. Until that changes, we’re on our own.

  8. Check this video out

  9. Our Lord made a wonderful promise in the Church approved Apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success ,which happened 400 years ago,many of the prophecies have come to pass already ,and some are happening right now He said “If men are lacking to defend My Church ,from Heaven will I send Legions of Angels to her defense ,Our Lady said that when everything seems to be lost ,that will be the hour of Her Triumph when in a marvelous manner She will crush satan.

  10. ECS hit the nail on the head. The hierarchy must have the will to restore Tradition and orthodoxy not just the ability. And until they do, their credibility is zero IMO. We are left to our own devices in this sea of apostasy that is otherwise known as the “new springtime of Vatican II.” The hierarchy can speak all they want about social justice issues but unless they speak with the voice of Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief, their words ring hollow. The fact that this post has been out now for some time and not one bishop has had the guts to respond speaks eloquently about their motives and their concern for the sheep. By our own devices I mean the rosary and traditional devotions including the Traditional Latin Mass which the “new church” apparently eschews.

    • Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites that shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces; you will neither enter yourselves, nor let others enter when they would. … Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites that encompass sea and land to gain a single proselyte, and then make the proselyte twice as worthy of damnation as yourselves.

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