The simplest answer to this question is because Jesus Christ, the God-Man and 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity, instituted the Catholic Faith and gave the reins of authority to his apostles, headed by Peter. Now, many things have happened to the Catholic Church since the days of the apostles and not all of them good. Indeed, individual Catholics including members of the hierarchy have failed to uphold the Catholic Faith and some have left the Church as heretics and apostates. Others have remained in the Church, at least ostensibly, but have not upheld the commandments that Jesus gave to them while He was on earth. But, Jesus said He would be with His Church until the end of time and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. So, are there places where one can find the Faith as taught by Jesus and left to the apostles? The answer is Yes but it make take a little searching to find them, especially in this day and age, when it seems all religions are treated as equals. How does one find these places? By asking questions and this forum is the place to begin for as the banner page reveals, we are dedicated to Purity and Tradition in Catholicism. So, if you believe Jesus and want to be united with Him for all eternity, seek out those few remaining places where the Catholic Faith is practiced and taught with no compromise or blemish of error.

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2 comments on “WHY BE CATHOLIC?

  1. Please keep explaining the WHYs of the Church’s teachings. I think they are more forgotten than the catechism.

    For example, contraception is always wrong because it was created to block the procreative act.

    So much is subjective, relativistic, and based on (poorly formed) consciences these days that it’s hard to even get people to care about God or even any religion at all.

  2. I’m hoping that other contributors to this forum will offer their own insights on this question for there are many that can do a greater job than I. For me, it’s simply a matter of believing that there must be more to life than just existence on this earth.

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