Martyrology-June 17th
Roman Martyrology-June 17th- on this date in various years-

At Rome, during the persecution of Diocletian, the birthday of two hundred and sixty-two martyrs, who were put to death for the faith of Christ, and buried on the old Salarian Way, at the foot of Cucumer Hill.

At Besancon in France, St. Antidius, bishop and martyr, who was slain by the Vandals for the faith of Christ.

At Apollonia in Macedonia, the holy martyrs Isaurus, a deacon, Innocent, Felix, Jeremias, and Peregrinus, all of them Athenians who were tortured in various ways by the tribune Tripontius, and beheaded.

At Terracina in Campania, St. Montanus, a soldier, who received the crown of martyrdom after suffering many torments, in the time of Emperor Hadrian and the governor Leontius.

At Venafro in Campania, the holy martyrs Nicander and Marcian, who were beheaded in the persecution of Maximian.

At Chalcedon, the holy martyrs Manuel, Sabel, and Ismæl, whom the king of Persia sent as ambassadors to Julian the Apostate to obtain peace. Having firmly refused to worship idols when commanded by the emperor, they were put to the sword.

At Amelia in Umbria, Bishop St. Himerius, whose body was translated to Cremona.

In the territory of Bourges, St. Gundulphus, bishop.

At Orleans in France, St. Avitus, priest and confessor.

In Phrygia, St. Hypatius, confessor.

Also, St. Bessarion, anchoret.

At Pisa in Tuscany, St. Rainerius, confessor.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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