Before anyone gets upset with me over the title to this post, remember that the title asks a question; it makes no specific charge. I would first ask the reader to consider the content of the following link and then ask the question considering the pope’s actions of late:

We have to use our intellects to consider what is happening to our beloved Church. Is it possible that the Catholic Church which we love and cherish took the wrong turn at Vatican II – a council that was specifically established as a pastoral council and proclaimed no doctrine or dogma that had not already been proclaimed by the Church in its 2000 yr history? Is it possible that the Communist infiltrators have used the Council to attempt to destroy the Catholic Faith which is the one real opponent of the totalitarian ideology of the Communist state? And, furthermore, is the Catholic hierarchy in large measure complicit this plan? Is the pope himself, either wittingly or unwittingly, a co-conspirator? I leave it to the reader to answer the questions for himself.

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  1. Not any more than the average ignorant Novus Ordo Catholic would be a communist infiltrator. This Pope was formed in the conciliar spirit and is a product of it. He thinks he is being a friend of all men; when in reality yes, he nothing but a traitor to the faith. And this is the case with the greater number of those in the Church today, priests and laity alike who have embraced erroneous ideas.

  2. The entire West has progressively descended, by fits and starts, into liberalism ever since 1517. And, since communism is nothing if not an offspring of the demonic Revolution that began in the days leading up to and on Good Friday (the same one that begat liberalism after it begat protestantism), it can be said that it takes a supernaturally-charged act of the will for ANYONE to NOT be influenced, and at the deepest levels, by liberalism. It’s in the very air everyone breathes.

    Abp. Lefebvre knew and wrote this about himself and for others to consider.

    Thus, a young Jorge Bergoglio, formed by the most progressive Order (or Society) in all of recent Church history was destined to be a liberal’s liberal by the time he got out of his Jesuit seminary, even were he not one before then.

    Now, since formal, institutionalized communism seems pretty much restricted to Cuba, North Korea, China and Viet Nam nowadays (Putin is not such, anymore, and doesn’t need to be in order to attain his political and economic goals), it really is more of an academic question concerning anyone not a member of the palace guard in one of those four workers’ paradises. (However, phaley, if we find out that Jorge’s fluent in Mandarin or Wu, all bets are off!)

    However, it is accurate to state that Jorge is a progressive revolutionary and that his ability to communicate publicly is utterly conciliarist, confused, ecumaniacal and Talmudic – right down to the punctuation marks. It’s also entirely fair to state that, given his tilted thinking, he’s the last man on earth who ought to be pope. I doubt he could manage traffic in a phone booth or hold his own for fifteen seconds with any number of sound, literate Catholics I happen to know personally.

    But he is, courtesy of the politics of the insane asylum created by Wojtyla and Ratzinger.

    It’s also a very difficult case to make that his “Weltanschaaung” is even remotely Catholic as reflected in his comments on traditionalists, chastity, liturgy and, in one particular whopping gaffe, that Catholics actually have “no Catholic God.”

    Seventy and eighty years ago, when the NKVD had active measures underway to populate Catholic seminaries with subversive commie plants, I have no doubt that the ultimate goal of Papa Joe was to someday put one of his boys on the Throne of Peter. As the years went by, however, I also have no doubt that, just as Yuri Andropov would say shortly before assuming room temperature, the KGB’s clever plot to undermine American culture had so surpassed Moscow’s wildest dreams that the Americans no longer even needed a shove in order to hasten their own suicide.

    The same is true with the Church.

    Once St. Pius X entered into everlasting glory, things went to pot.

    To be blunt, from Benedict XV through Pius XII, things eased up against liberals. Even Ottaviani ended up a political pacifist and drank the NO liturgical Kool Aid, after an initial show of animosity. That there even WAS a Vatican II is proof enough that the primary, secondary and tertiary lines of defense had been broken.

    Thus, I’d say that I see Bergoglio as one more left-wing semi-“intellectual” feather merchant, a mere diplomatic representative of an institution that, in effect, gave up being “officially” Catholic (as in, “according to what its actual officials actually do!”) the minute Pius XII, our last Catholic pope, passed on to his own glory.

  3. Well, he can’t be a true Commie because the Good God ratified his faith. I.e., it’s in there, somewhere. But let’s compare him to the most recent evil occupants.

    “St.” John XXIII committed the most heinous betrayal since Judas by inviting Commies to V-II, promising that the council would not condemn Communism. Francis hasn’t topped that … yet.

    Paul VI destroyed the worship of the Church, a most heinous crime, also. Again, Francis hasn’t topped that … yet.

    “St.” John Paul damaged just about everything he touched, to varying degrees: ecumenism, dialog, inculturation (naked lectress), even the Rosary. He also led a doctrinal crusade to end the necessity of grace, starting early on with his encyclical, “Mission of the Redeemer.” He was a prolific destroyer. Again, Francis hasn’t gotten very far … yet.

    The worst may be Benedict because of his intellect and the respect he commanded while he undermined the fundamental doctrines on which the Church is built (see War Against Being). Francis doesn’t show signs of an intellectual capacity approaching Benedict’s, so he’ll simply have to be be content to defecate on everything. That may be a positive sign that the end of the scourge is near.

    • Wow! Put that way, which I’ve not seen before, one could actually begin to think that we just might survive, after all!

      Thanks for the insight, Cyprian.

      Jorge’s such an easy target it’s easy (for cynics like moi) to over-stereotype him.

    • “Well, he can’t be a true Commie because the Good God ratified his faith.”

      Sorry to be dim, but I don’t understand what you mean by that comment?

  4. Which Pope? I gather the general assumption is that this refers to the current officeholder, but I’ve always found it very interesting — and rather suspicious — that a “faithful” Catholic bishop such as Karol Wojtyla managed to get through the Communist years in Poland with relative ease while other, faithful Catholics were being persecuted and even murdered. If he was really a thorn in the side of Polish/Soviet Communists while still behind the Iron Curtain, it would’ve been so much easier to “erase” him then, rather than waiting for him to get to Rome and hire some incompetent bungler for the job (which by no means proves that he hadn’t been working for them — leftists commonly murder the people who’ve helped them once they’re viewed as more trouble than they’re worth).

    My take on Francis is not so much that he’s some intentional Commie agent, but rather a poorly formed unfortunate whose warped, Marx-tinged theology/ideology/philosophy has him too mentally disordered to be any sort of infiltrating mastermind, though it may be that he is easily manipulated by those wishing to harm the Church.

  5. I believe the current occupant of the Chair of Peter is being manipulated – by the Modernists.

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