What are we to take from the meeting that took place this past weekend between the leaders of the two churches – the Latin Church based in Rome and the Orthodox Church based in Constantinople? Well, to say that the differences between the two churches are beyond my competency to solve would be an understatement but I do have some thoughts on the matter which I shall state in this post.

First of all, it appears that the things that unite the two churches are far greater than those which divide them. I’m thinking of the Ten Commandments, the Divinity of Christ, the Real Presence in the Eucharist, the necessity of Faith leading towards Salvation. the forgiveness of sins, the Resurrection of the Body, etc.

Secondly, there have been numerous instances wherein both churches have, in essence, denied the legitimacy of the other’s beliefs and caused untold pain and misery to the adherents of both churches. Mutual excommunications are but one example of this. Did Christ foresee this when He prayed that His disciples would be united in His prayer to the Father just before ascending into heaven?

Thirdly, is there any doubt that the world needs the Unity of Belief from the adherents of Christian Churches in this day and age when Evil lurks in the shadows and seeks to divide and conquer? A united front under the Banner of Christ the King? What could be more useful in this time of chaos in religious practice and belief?

Finally, it seems that both churches believe that their Leaders are “first among equals” in terms of the church hierarchy. I sat this knowing full well that there has to be someone with the final say on disputes among so-called equals and the First Vatican Council spoke about this in its decrees on papal infallibility. Otherwise, disputes will descend into anarchy and there will be no unity, either real or perceived.

So, what’s the answer? There is, of course, only one answer and that is Prayer to Almighty God that He will rescue His Church from the hands of Evil persons, those who seek only to divide rather than to unify. And. we have at our disposal the Intercession of the Holy Mother of God, if only we will seek it.

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