Phase I in the Battle

It occurs to me that we must have an effective strategy if we are to regain the Church from the hands of the Modernists. So, this post suggests one strategy that might be employed and by no means does it fail to include the practice of praying for our enemies. In fact, this should be our pre-eminent task before all else.

First, we should consider withdrawing financial support from those who would fail to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass and the sacraments that were in use until 1962. This includes those priests and bishops who refuse to allow these sacraments in their churches, chapels and oratories. In fact, this may be the most effective means of getting through to these muddle-headed clerics for, as the saying goes, “money talks.”

Second, we should find a priest and, God-willing, a bishop who not only celebrates the sacraments in the traditional rite but who actually believe in the Faith that these sacraments signify. We should give them our financial support and assist them in locating a suitable place for these celebrations. Now, it may be said that this will be a most difficult task in this post Vatican II “newchurch” but as the saying goes: anything good most often entails great effort. In our search we should assure ourselves that these clerics are validly ordained and, in the case of bishops, validly consecrated and not under any ecclesiastical censure or discipline. (Unfortunately, in this day and age it may mean clerics that are in retired status. Included in our search should be the orders that have particular attachment to the Tradition of Holy Mother Church, including the FSSPX, the Institute of Christ the King and others. But, there are others who are classified as “independents” that deserve our attention as well. However, we should avoid in our search the fence-sitters – those who are sometimes classified as bi-ritual and whose only purpose may be out to “lead us back to the novus ordo” or what is termed the Ordinary Form for it is truly “Ordinary.”)

Third, we should avoid any contact with those who would attempt to convince us that we should accept the abuses and sacrileges prevalent in the “newchurch” because it comes from “authority.” Nobody has any authority to tell us that we cannot do what the Church has always done for centuries. The pope’s authority is not unlimited and neither is that of the bishops beneath him. The First Vatican Council spoke very clearly on this issue. Unfortunately, little is heard of the First Vatican Council these days.

Fourth, we should ponder over the failure of the church authorities to fulfill the request of Our Lady of Fatima to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart and what this failure means to the Church at large. Not only to the Church but to the entire Christian world is this failure a prediction of future events. There has to be a pope who will fulfill this request and, if the current occupant of the Chair of Peter is unable or unwilling to do it, he must be replaced. We should be thinking of who that replacement willl be and it may not be from among the modernist “papabili”. Indeed, it may be a simple, hunble cleric who rises from the ashes of the post Vatican II conflagration.

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