This is addressed to all priests, bishops and cardinals of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church outside of which there is no salvation. Are you men or wimps? Have secular politics so emasculated you that you are ashamed to proclaim your Faith – that Faith that was passed down to you from the Apostles? Are you so afraid of the agents of Satan that you continue to sit on the fence and refuse to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that was given to you as your right in perpetuity in the year 1570 by a true saint, that’s right, a true saint, Pope St. Pius V? That’s the Mass that has no frivolity, no funny-business, no laymen or laywomen in the sanctuary. It’s the Mass that drew down God’s grace on His Church and His people before the Modernists changed everything upon the advice of protestants and other non-believers in what was called the Second Vatican Council some 50-odd years ago.

Do you wonder why there is so much evil in the world today, even in the Vatican itself? Is it because the people are not on their knees anymore, not even for receiving the Body of Christ in the Eucharist? Do you wonder why Pope Benedict XVI resigned the papacy and retired to the sidelines? Do you wonder why the Popes since 1960 have refused the request of the Holy Mother of God at Fatima to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart? This request was given to Sr. Lucy to be given to the Pope through the bishop in an apparition that was confirmed by the miracle of the Sun and endorsed as worthy of belief by the Vatican itself. By the way, the title which I have used for this piece is not meant just for men – it could easily be said of women as well women, who like those who have given birth to the holy saints and martyrs of the Church, who indeed were saints and martyrs themselves, have continued to pray unceasingly that the men would see and fulfill their duty.

Do you believe in what you call your religion, the Holy Catholic Faith, transmitted down through centuries? Do you believe in your ministry, that is, the salvation of souls? Do you believe that nobody, not even the Pope himself, can tell you that it’s not necessary anymore to convert non-believers? Do you believe that we will all be judged on how we have practiced our Faith and fulfilled the role that God has set out for us? Do you believe that “personality cults” are offensive to Our Lord And Saviour and that He has no part in honoring evil men that have done such abominable things as kissed the Koran and opened wide the windows of the Church to the smoke of Satan? In short, are you ready to throw off the chains of Modernism and reclaim your manhood as a soldier of Christ, made such in the sacrament of Confirmation? If you are, then, God bless you, and if you are not, then, may God help you.

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10 comments on “RECLAIM YOUR MANHOOD!

  1. Yep, Paul, it’s always worth a try. I don’t write the diocese enough. I’ve told them I won’t donate as long as they ordain poofters and fems, and have sex-ed in the schools. But that was awhile ago.

    It’s the “spirit of the age,” it seems. The “spirit of Vatican II,” by another name. It infects everywhere. It gets into our families, into the kids. We really are in the catacombs. There are some decent bishops, but what’s decent about them when they won’t oppose the other bishops? Won’t challenge them like you do? It gets depressing. But we have hope. I don’t know what they hope for anymore.

    • It is our obligation to pray for our bishops. As have the Christian Faithful in other eras of widespread corruption and rampant heresy, we should offer sacrifices for them, implored God to forgive their sins and abuses and to inflame them with zeal for His Father’s House which is the Church. Rather than try to do ourselves what only bishops can do, we should support good and holy bishops who do what bishops are supposed to do.

  2. Of course we should pray for the bishops, Father, and I’d venture that most of us on AQ do that everyday but, my post was meant as a challenge to those bishops who do not do what they are supposed to do. It seems that this number of recalcitrant bishops grows more and more with each passing day, reaching even to the highest levels oi the Church. Yes, by all means, we will pray for them but we will also challenge them to greater heights of sanctity and, if I may say so, manliness in defending the doctrines and dogmas of Holy Mother Church. And, I say the same with respect to the multitude of priests who fail to exercise their right to celebrate Holy Mass in the form codified by St. Pius V and who confuse the Faithful in areas of doctrine and what is perennial magisterial teaching.

    • phaley, please count me among the many who share both your frustration and sorrow at these ever-increasing scandals and your fervent desire and daily prayers for the conversion of sinners and the restoration of the Church.

      I failed to make clear in my post that we find among the saints who endured times as trying as ours so very many examples of quietly heroic expiation and longanimity. Even among those who were bishops, Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Alphonsus Ligouri attracted souls more by orthodoxy and meekness than by argument or criticism.

      It is love and intimacy with Him, and prayers and reparation for the offenses of others that were requested by the Sacred Heart and by Our Lady at Fatima. And a thousand years earlier, Saint Benedict advised Christians to accept difficulties and even apparent impossibilities with meekness and obedience, to submit reasons to superiors quietly and when opportune, without pride, protest, or dissent, to be convinced that such trials are for our good, and to obey from love, relying on the help of God.

      What could be more manly?

  3. What could be more manly?

    Well, Father, here’s one Catholic’s approach I’ve always favored….

  4. For convenience sake, I’ll re-post this, right here, from another thread, re. the wonderfulness of a Revolutionary papacy and the kindheartedness of its Sicherheitsdienst SWAT team under the benign leadership of the pope’s personal representative, one Herr Oberststammfuhrer Volpi….


    [The persecution continues]

    First the friars, and now the sisters: Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate placed under visitation

    Posted by Augustinus at 5/21/2014

    Correspondenza Romana reports that the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate, also founded by Fr. Stefano Manelli FI, has been placed under visitation by Cardinal Braz de Aviz. The visitation was announced on May 19 with immediate effect.

    Perhaps our readers remember that in December of last year, the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate had issued an official statement courageously attacking Fr. Volpi’s accusations against them as totally unfounded: a statement that has been all but ignored in the rush of certain sectors to justify every step and every measure taken against the Franciscans of the Immaculate.


    Recall, folks, that the “crime” of the FFI is “actually being Catholic.”

  5. Josefa on said:

    ” The Kingdom of God suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force”

    Now, I’m not an advocate of violence, and I know this scripture has it’s interpretations, but when Holy Mother Church is having violence perpetrated against Her, in word or in deed, we must pray, but we also must act to protect Her – I’d like to call it passionate defense.

    I like St Joan , myself.

  6. I will not argue with you Father on whether it is better or, as you say, more manly to suffer in silence as did Jesus during the Scourging. I will simply point out, again, that Our Lord literally kicked out the money-changers and those who would profane the House of God (the Temple). In other words when He deemed it necessary, He exercised His manhood in no uncertain terms.

    What would happen, I ask you, if priests and bishops simply said “No!” to the liturgical abuses and ambiguous teachings prevalent in today’s church? No doubt, they would be disciplined by those in charge and perhaps even lose the financial support and other trappings of the “new church” but what would be more manly? So, as the saying goes, “to each his own” in terms of the strategy to be employed and I agree that prayers are above all the necessary weapon in the battle with the principalities and powers of the Devil.

    • You are very right, phaley, that good and holy priests and bishops, and colleges and families, have been disciplined and have lost funding and canonical status because of their refusal to agree to accept abuses and ambiguity, remaining faithful instead to what the Church and saints have always believed and done: say “Yes!” to Christ and His Cross. Let us pray that more do, despite the consequences. Let us also support them in whatever way we can. If God is with us, who can be against?

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