Judge Napolitano on Francis, the Constitution and Economics

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3 comments on “Judge Napolitano on Francis, the Constitution and Economics

  1. Father Morris, being a devout neo-Catholic and neo-conservative, fits right in at neocon Fox News. This guy is no friend of tradition. When asked if he celebrated the Latin Mass, Morris responded “No, I live in the present.” Then he said he knows people in 2013 who (he thinks) do not need to enter the Catholic Church for salvation. You can take the neocon/liberal priest out of the Legion of Christ, but you can’t take the Legion of Christ out of the neocon/liberal priest.
    As far as Judge Napolitano goes, I agree with him on a lot of things when it comes to the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, but he’s a self described “libertarian” and is a proponent of sodomite “marriage”, and of free trade, which I am not a fan of.

  2. The essence of the argument in my view is that natural rights are not bequeathed by the state but are endowed by the Creator. Of course, the progressives will challenge what are “natural rights” til the sun goes down and the government will take advantage of the situation to take from one and give to another. Clearly, however, sodomite marriage is not a natural right endowed by the Creator.

  3. Morris is one of the reasons I will not watch Fox News or any news program on TV ! They are all terrible !!

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