SodoMafia in the Church? A Priest Reports

Polish Priest Uncovering the Homosexual Mafia in the Church

Hw. Dariusz Oko auf der Webseite
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The fog is lifting

The existence of homo-networks is revealed by the excessive pain with which the German Bishops are proceeding against ‘‘ — but not against their own Pornography Business ‘Weltbild’.

( Fr. Dariusz Oko is a research fellow at the philosophy faculty of the Papal University of John Paul II in Krakow.

He has investigated homosexual networks which have infiltrated the Church the world over.

Struggle Against a Deadly Peril

Fr. Oko recently published an article in the German newspaper ‘Theologisches’.

Fr. Oko sees his research work as a “struggle against a deadly peril” for Christendom.

Homo-ideologues wish to nestle themselves within the Church like a Trojan Horse.

A typical aberration of homosexuals

Fr. Oko discovered the “most general lie” of the media bosses, who are constantly talking about the “pedophilia in the clergy”.

He recalled the well-known fact that over eighty percent of the cases of abuse in the Church’s areas involve assaults by homosexuals on mature males.

This phenomenon of ephebophilia is described by Fr. Oko as a “typical aberration, which is linked to homosexuality.”

Homosexual Networks Make it Possible

Fr. Oko insists that the toleration for highly visible homosexual attacks on sexually mature boys would be impossible without homosexual networks.

He recalled the case of Posen’s homosexual-Archbishop Julius Paez, Bishop John Magee of Cloyne in Ireland, on the homosexual Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee or the founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

A Model of Old Liberals

Archbishop Weakland is an especially horrible example of homosexual decay within the Church.

For the Old Liberal Church destroyer, he was a significant model.

He has publicly admitted in the mean time that he is homosexually disturbed and has forced his impurity on many.

Rome Plays Along?

In 25 years of his office — before the eyes of the Church’s hierarchy — he was a shameless campaigner against the Faith and a defender of homosexual depravity.

He covered the sodomites in his own clergy and helped them to escape responsibility for their homosexual crimes.

At last it was found out that he had stolen a half-million dollars in order to pay one of his partners in depravity.

Fr. Oko stresses that decadent clergy who are found out remain long unpunished, although there are numerous complaints against them in Rome.

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2 comments on “SodoMafia in the Church? A Priest Reports

  1. Oh, and if only 50% of the umpteen extant “Trad” sects could take five minutes – away from excommunicating each other and clogging up the blogosphere with rumors of rumors from their third cousin’s next door neighbor’s mother-in-law, who got it straight from a friend of a friend who actually SAW “Pope Michael,” Bp. Fellay, George Noory and Bp. Williamson ensconced in a backroom booth at a bar on the corner of 33rd and Third Avenue just last week, in heated conversation with Pat Robertson, Cardinal Maradiaga, two Hassidic rabbis and Katie Couric – we might be able to mount a successful counter-revolution all on our own!

    ‘Course, we’d all be officially excommunicated by sunny Nuovo Roma inside of 24 hours…

    If nothing else, the Revolutionaries DO have priorities.

  2. The best “counter-revolution” is that of Saint Benedict: depart the corruption of the world to be free to lead a life in which nothing is preferred to the love of Christ. It was from their cloisters of repentance and sanctity that the monks and nuns who lived quiet, orderly and hidden lives according to his Holy Rule that Christendom was forged.

    Adopting the methods of the deformers of the last five centuries only sustains their corrupting influence because it is those very methods that are at the root of their heresies. Dissidence and debate, arguments and opinions, criticism and anathemas, all of these are synonyms of the “protest” of protestantism. One cannot play by the devil’s rules and expect to win.

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