Lying Leaders

“Some where, some place, some bishop has got to have the spine to step up and say all this publicly…..”

Great idea, Michael…..let’s start with the Bishop of Rome. There was an Archbishop who did exactly as you prescribe…..unfortunately you and your staff most likely believe him to be a “schismatic”. Need I name him?

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    “They have abandoned the Fort, those
    who should have defended it.” (St. John Fisher)

    Who held the Fort
    Till the Calvary came
    Fighting for all
    In His Holy Name?

    Who fed the sheep
    As the pastures burned dry
    A few Good Shepherds
    Heeding their cry?

    Who led the charge
    ‘Gainst heresy’s Huns
    Defending the degreed
    To His lowliest ones?

    Who battened down
    The hatch of the barque
    To warm cold souls
    From shivering-seas dark?

    “Who?” mocks Satan
    Delighting in doubt
    Fills you with questions,
    Never lets you find out.

    “Hoc est enum
    Corpus meum…
    and for many…” who kept
    The dead words – Te Deum!

  2. I so wish Michael could see where this is ending up.

    Everything Michael Voris said on this video is 100% true. He is totally right.
    However, the one bishop who is now up to his neck in this scandal is never mentioned by Michael Voris. He is untouchable.

    Michael’s refusal to mention the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, in connection with the crisis in the Church means he is in fact, “pulling his punches”.
    He is not acknowledging the tremendous harm done by the Pope’s statements, actions and clerical appointments.

    Michael, unless you face reality your otherwise excellent message will become more and more meaningless. The rot has gone all the way to the top of the Church.

    The laity must be given the full truth and therefore a chance to fight with their eyes open.

  3. He suffers from the same intellectual dishonesty that he accuse the bishop of having. Something so typical of the ‘conservative’ Catholic mindset, which refuses to acknowledge the source of the stench of which they so readily complain.

  4. I just want to say that I agree with fidei and Vinny and add the statement that unless the bishops, cardinals and the pope reclaim their manhood, yes I said it, the lavender mafia and the spineless modernists will control the future in the Church. Of course, I leave out any of those who have demonstrated their fidelity to Tradition and to the courage and manhood of the true saints and martyrs of our holy Church.

  5. Btw, would anyone accuse Our Lord and Savior, who threw out from the Temple the money-lenders and those would profane the House of God, would anyone accuse Him of not being in full control of His Manhood? Just askin’

  6. I traveled around the planet
    preaching to the entire World
    the doctrine of man made “god”,
    not the teachings of our Lord.

    Not that of our Holy Mother
    Church, bride of the Son of God;
    nor that of the Holy Fathers
    nor the Tradition, of course.

    Did not preach the Holy Gospel,
    the Ten Commandments much less,
    nor even the Seven Sacraments
    ’cause in these I believe less.

    Oh, what a spectacle, gentlemen!
    ‘t was swallowed by half the World.
    Not in vain I’ve been an actor
    and a comedian so thorough
    in the Great Stage of the World,
    of the greatest of the fakers,
    of deceivers’ the overlord.

    By Jorge Doré
    Translated by Roberto Hope

  7. The Crisis in the Church
    By Ignacio B. Anzoátegui
    (Argentinian writer and lawyer, 1905-1978)
    Translated from the Spanish by Roberto Hope

    Is it that its bearings
    the vessel of the Church has lost?
    Is it that, obstinate,
    drunk and rebelled its crew,
    from bump to bump just roams?

    What came to pass
    of missions past,
    uncharted seas to enlighten?
    Who was, Oh Lord,
    who left her thus,
    defeat upon defeat transformed?

    What mutinous wind
    her keel did split,
    her sails did burst;
    lashed her against the cliff
    so far from Thee, my God,
    and from Thy shore?

    What skipper, Lord,
    who, put to sleep,
    by fault and outcome of democracy,
    took out her vigor and her sense
    and the seaworthiness of Thy Grace?

    We still have hope that in Thy pious care,
    Thou from the tragic wreck us save.
    The devil preys upon us day by day
    hear us, Oh Lord! Grant us for what we pray!

    And that our Holy Mother Mary,
    our Blessed Lady,
    our Co-redemptoress,
    should it be necessary,
    lay down for us this one more time
    the Holy life preserver of the Rosary!

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