From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

With everything that is happening in the Church these days it is impossible for me to believe that we are not in the end times. From the ridiculous statements of the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter to the Satanic Black Masses and the apostasy of most members of the Hierarchy, we are being deluged with nonsense and garbage where there should be only Truth. My question is: Where are those good and faithful bishops and cardinals, if indeed there are any left, and why haven’t they taken the challenge and thrown off the shackles of Modernism imposed on them by the Father of Lies and his henchmen? May God have Mercy on His people and bring us a St. Athanasius for our times.

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4 comments on “From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

  1. phaley said:

    “May God have Mercy on His people and bring us a St. Athanasius for our times.”

    He already did!


    Five times banished
    Exiled seventeen
    Excommunicated champions
    God puts at each scene.

    Saint Athanasius,
    Feast day of worth
    On the second of May
    The month of great mirth.

    Out in the deserts –
    As history has charted –
    You preserved the true Mass
    Great lion-hearted.

    Now Lefebvre
    And the sixties egalitarians
    Like Athanasius,
    His time his Arians.

    For He who abolished
    Death by death
    Sent him to absolve
    Sin width and breadth.

    And yes the same moon
    The same sun we’re all under…
    We venal rain – but Lefebvre


  2. Long-Skirts says:
    May 8, 2014 at 8:27 AM (Edit)
    phaley said:

    “May God have Mercy on His people and bring us a St. Athanasius for our times.”

    He already did!

    Well, with all due respect, if that is the case, they need to convene a council and throw the bums out, that is, if they have their manhood intact. I, for one, seriously question their manhood.

  3. “Manhood”????

    Ewwww. How sexist!

    At the very moment as the noosphere is more actively evolving toward the Omega Point, when (stunningly unpleasant-looking) women are being gathered and lined up and costumed, just off-stage, for their debut as “co-equal heirs in the penumbra-revealed eschatological dimensions only now being discovered as a fruit of the super-duperest council of all time and which elicit new ways, new directions for the ministerial offices we have only to conceive in order to effect….”

    …. you’re worried about “manhood”????

    What are you, Sir – a Catholic or something?

    Bishop Reginald and Bishop Brucey are going be vewwy up-thet with you! Chauvinist!

    (Seriously, though, phaley – a guy like Sample (Portland) and a few others might see the great divide opening and take a stand. I doubt it will be anything dramatic but if there is at least a focal point, something men like that could establish within the official superstructure, then you might see a slow movement away from the bolsheviki on behalf of “conservatives” within the Church. But until Rome has a Catholic on the throne, once again, nothing substantive will result.)

  4. I looked at some videos of Archbishop Sample re: the Traditional Mass and all I could think of is “another fence-sitter” saying he reveres the Traditional Mass while professing loyalty to the “two forms” approach engendered by the Modernists in the wake of Vatican II. So, with all due respect to you, gpmtrad, I have to say: No, to the fence-sitters and those who water-down the Faith and the Liturgy in order to gain favor with the Modernist hierarchy. The spectacle of having Cardinal Ratzinger (I refuse to call him “Pope Emeritus”) sharing stage with Jorge, an enemy of Tradition, is too much for me. And, if they want to label me a Chauvinist for my comments, so be it.

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