Martyrology-May 4th
Roman Martyrology-May 4th- on this date in various years-

At Ostia, the birthday of St. Monica, mother of blessed Augustine. He has left us in the ninth book of his Confessions a beautiful sketch of her life.

At the metal mines of Phennes in Palestine, the birthday of blessed Silvanus, bishop of Gaza, who was crowned with martyrdom with many of his clerics by the command of Caesar Galerius Maximian, in the persecution of Diocletian.

At Jerusalem, in the reign of Julian the Apostate, St. Cyriacus, bishop, who was murdered while visiting the holy places.

At Camerinum, St. Porphyry, priest and martyr. Because he converted many to the faith (among them Venantius), he was beheaded during the reign of Emperor Decius and the governor Antiochus.

Also in the mines of Phennes, thirty-nine holy martyrs, who were condemned to work there, to be branded with hot irons, to undergo other torments, and finally all to be beheaded at the same time.

At Lorch in Austria, under Emperor Diocletian and the governor Aquilinus, the martyr St. Florian, who was thrown into the River Enns, with a stone tied about his neck.

At Cologne, the martyr St. Paulinus.

At Tarsus, St. Pelagia, virgin, who endured martyrdom under Diocletian by being shut up inside an ox made of brass that had been heated to redness.

At Nicomedia, the birthday of St. Antonia, martyr, who was cruelly tortured, subjected to various torments, suspended by one arm for three days, kept two years in prison, and finally delivered to the flames for the confession of Christ by the governor Priscillian.

At Milan, St. Venerius, a bishop whose virtues are attested to by St. John Chrysostom in the epistle which he had written to him.

In the province of Perigord, St. Sacerdos, bishop of Limoges.

At Hildesheim in Saxony, St. Gothard, bishop and confessor, who was ranked among the saints by Innocent II.

At Auxerre, St. Curcodomus, deacon.

And elsewhere in divers places, many other holy martyrs, confessors, and holy virgins.
R. Thanks be to God.

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